Taking a walk with God

Today is a very special day, as I am going to have an appointment with someone who is known throughout all times, worldwide, receiving the greatest worshiping but at the same time hiding himself from public.

In Hollywood they would say that he is a very special celebrity. No one has seen him so far and no one has spoken with him – apart from a few chosen ones. So it is an honor for me to make this interview today.

In a few minutes he should appear. I hope, I look smart enough for such an important meeting.

“You do!”

Oh, is it possible that he can read my mind?!

“Yes, I can!”

Oh, then I must take care of my thoughts!

“Calm down! In fact I know everything about you, equal if it is your past, your present or your future. There is nothing you could hide from me. So take it easy!”

This is reassuring. I feel instantly better.

“I know.”

“Okay, Dear God, thank you very much for your kindness to appear and to take a walk with me. I really appreciate your efforts. But, where are you, I just hear your voice?!”

“You are welcome, my son. I am not limited to a form or a body. I have no limits at all and so I am not forced to appear in a visible way.”

“Aha, very interesting. But this feels a little bit strange for me to talk to someone who is not limited like human beings or creatures in general. Would you mind to take a visible form? Just for me?”

While asking, a human being materializes in front of me. It is a young man in a perfect shape, a perfect appearance and it seems that he consists more of light and finest matter than anything else. He has an overwhelming charisma and radiates all divine virtues one can think of – pure power, pure wisdom, pure love. He radiates pure beauty, perfect harmony. I am amazed by his majesty. I guess he looks somehow like we imagine an enlightened being, maybe like Buddha or Jesus. His radiance is so powerful that I am near to keel over. He wears a simple robe which underlines his perfection.

I am deeply shaken by his appearance and powerful mystical feelings are storming my soul, lifting me up, making me tremble in joy, happiness, love, ecstasy and deepest devotion. I cannot help myself, I have to throw myself in deepest humbleness to his feet to show my unlimited devotion.

He raises his right hand, smiles and blesses me with his powerful light, emitting from his hand. The light is flooding my mind, my soul and it seems that I am losing myself, that I am dissolving in pure ecstasy and happiness.

After a while, he lets me regain my consciousness, understanding where I am and what is happening. I am still high, more floating over the ground than really standing on my feet.

“Get up my son, I know that you truly love me. Ecstasy and bliss are my nature and sometimes it can be hard to bear them.”

“Yes, I am still full of ecstasy. I am so high. Your nature includes everything which one can dream of. Your nature is total fulfillment.”

God smiles to me in his appearance and omniscience is lying in his smile.

“You are here, because you have questions, my son. So let us walk together and let us speak about what is moving you in your mind and soul.”

“Yes, father, you are right. You know that people have a lot of questions regarding your nature and the world we live in. Maybe I can help a little bit to clear some points and to find answers. It seems that mankind is always suffering, has been suffering and will increase suffering in the future. I think, only you can help, only you can bless us with enlightenment, with true love, true compassion and true understanding – for better conditions on earth, for real peace and happiness. And if people knew about you, they would behave in a different, better way. And so we come to one of the biggest problems – why are you invisible, why do you not show your majesty to us, why do you leave us in darkness, instead of letting us experience your divinity, your light? Why are you so hard to reach?”

“Good questions, my son. You probably know that I have manifested creation out of myself, that creation is an expression of myself, of my unlimited creativity. And although my primary nature is spirit you can find me in every creature, in the diversity of creation, in yourself and mankind. There is nothing what has not emanated from me. Creation is the playground for my countless children. So when you do not see me then you simply miss the wood for the trees. I am everywhere in all forms, all appearances and there is nothing but me but most of you human beings are not able to perceive me. Creation is showing my perfection, my intelligence, my laws and my love everywhere, in all processes, in all cycles of life, in all beings but most of you are not able to comprehend. Most of you are too busy to look for me. Many are searching somewhere outside but you can find me in yourself, in your awakened heart, in your unconditioned love, in your harmony and beauty and certainly also in your conscience. You see, I am everywhere and there is nothing without me, nothing but me. It is just a psychological problem of a limited perception which makes it hard to realize my existence for many people, especially those who worship “dead” matter. So become aware of the wonders of nature, or the wonders of the human being and then you get first impressions of me.”

“Ah, okay, I understand, in fact you are just too great and too unlimited, to realize that it is you who we meet daily in form of ourselves, others and creation. It is a little bit like when you ask an ant if she is aware of the elephant on which she is crawling. The elephant is just too big to be comprehended by the small ant. And when we try to discover you outside then we can find aspects of you but when we look inside, in our minds and souls, then we can find your higher aspects, indeed what we are searching for all the time – love, happiness, wisdom, understanding, etc.”

“Yes, my son. You can experience my nature in all aspects and on all three planes of creation. The highest aspects of my nature you will find in your soul and in your mind, your spirit. And as you know, mind and soul are invisible. Only the expression of mind and soul through the physical body can be perceived and this is one reason that people misunderstand the physical body as the real human being although it is only its outer, most dense appearance, its vehicle, – like a vessel which is made to content water or a car which is meant to transport you. But a car should be never confused with the driver as the driver is of a completely different nature than the car.”

“Yes, father, I understand what you are pointing at. This is also a big problem that our perception is limited to the physical realms and we are not able to experience the realms of mind and soul, the spiritual realms. Many of us feel somehow abandoned, left alone, without your love and guidance.”

“My son, my love is radiating permanently like the rays of the sun but it is up to you to receive my love and my guidance. You just have to open yourself for me, for my light and then you receive, then you know that I am there, that I care for you.”

“Yes, I know that you love your children. But why is the material world separated from the higher realms? Why are we not able to take part in the beauty and happiness of the higher realms?”

“Everything has its sense in life and creation, my son. The material world is also called the “kingdom” because all realms and all different beings meet here while in the higher world the beings are separated according to their refinement and perfection, respectively to their nature. So the material world is something special, indeed a playground, a place where you and everyone can make experiences, where you can experience the diversity of life and creation, where you learn what is means to be limited and where you can grow and unfold your unlimited nature, where you can experience what it means to take part in the divine nature. Additionally I gave you freedom, the freedom to make your own experiences independent from me. Only “without” me you can experience this freedom. You can make good experiences and bad experiences, so that you learn to differentiate between light and darkness and to be able to choose the light consciously while you control the dark, destructive forces. There is no other way to let you grow to a self-responsible being, to a real son or daughter of me, to an authority in creation. When you think of your own children, then you can understand me. Parents love their children but they know that their children need freedom for making own experiences, so that they can grow and become self-responsible and ready for life. And this is the same with humans on earth. I give you the freedom for making own experiences because I love you and want you to grow. Can you understand?”

“Yes, I see the wisdom of your concept. You know, many people complain about the evil which is happening to them and why in general mankind seems to be so bad. We have so much destruction, so much selfishness. It is hard to bear.”

“My son, I know how much you all suffer. But it is you who are responsible for all the evil which is happening. It is your selfishness, your hate, your bad habits and characteristics which cause all these problems. No one has told you to behave in this destructive, self-destructive way. No one told you to hurt each other and cause this immense suffering for mankind and creation. As soon as you understand that you are responsible and that you can cause changes for a better world, then a change will happen. But for most people it is easier to blame me because I do not intervene, with respect to your freedom. And many people hope for someone, a messiah, who clears up the mess on earth. But why should I send someone to care about the dirt, the chaos which you are responsible for. It is your job to care for that. It is your challenge to grow up and take responsibility. Understand this and become free of these chains of darkness!”

“Father, you are right. We simply have to grow up, and probably quite fast to get not lost in the abyss. But yes, you are right, the greater the threat of darkness, the faster the awakening and the growing towards real self-responsibility!”

“Yes, my son. Probably you already have noticed how many people are awakening from their sleep to become active, responsible and to make changes. I have sent so many servants of the light on earth to reveal the long guarded and hidden secrets of spiritual development from all spiritual traditions. The people are now mature enough to choose consciously the right path to unfold their divine nature, to gain real understanding of themselves, of me and of creation.”

“Yes father, our time has come. We need to grow. We need to understand. And yes, I have become aware how many masters have incarnated to unveil the holy teachings, so that everyone can undergo a spiritual training. This is wonderful! I am so grateful that this happened as it was so hard during all the centuries to get real initiation into your mysteries. Tell me, father, why do we have to undergo at all a special training to unfold your divine nature and to gain real understanding of everything?”

“See, my son, my nature is so powerful, high and refined, and compared with the nature of normal human beings, we are worlds apart. Our natures are so different, that we are separated, so that a normal human cannot comprehend my being, my nature, my powers and virtues. In fact you can only understand what is of the same or similar nature like yours own. So a normal human understands the thoughts, feelings and the behavior of a fellow man. A holy man understands another holy man. And a person who has unfolded its divine nature understands me, my divine nature. In fact there is no other way to refine yourself to divine degrees, so that you are of divine nature and only then you will be able to comprehend my being and to take part in my powers, my cosmic consciousness and in all of my virtues. Only then you have reached your foreseen aim of evolution, of your spiritual development of mind and soul. And this is also the problem, that most people do not take part in my nature and so cannot perceive or understand me. Due to this problem all religions were invented, so that those who are not able to connect to me by themselves, get connected and supported by higher initiates, by priests. All my higher teachings have been simplified for the normal people to become comprehensible and useful for life.”

“Thank you, I understand. Yes, so the spiritual training is just a shortcut to our normal evolution, the development of mind and soul throughout the countless incarnations towards divine degrees, a natural development like we know it from flowers or trees. They start in the earth, grow and grow and unfold more and more their nature until they are grown up, flourishing like they are foreseen to be. Yes, I understand now also the function of religions, to connect those to you, who are not able to do it by themselves. Mmh, we face just the problem that most religions are corrupted, full of mistakes and that the real teachings have been lost somehow to good degrees. Instead of love and compassion, most religions teach strange rituals, hate, suppression of women and war against other beliefs.”

“Yes, my son, all what was good in the beginning became corrupted by time, by selfish people and people who were no real initiates. But there is a natural rule: Only those things which are based on truth will live forever and all half-truths, lies and misunderstandings, all the evil have to vanish. This can take quite a long time but that´s the way. So you can see that very old religions or spiritual traditions still exist after thousands of years just because they are built on truth while others came up and vanished by themselves in a short time. The younger religions have to undergo a phase of growing and refinement while the older ones have already reached their state of flourishing and perfection. This is the circle of life which is valid for every creation and creature.”

“I see. We have so many different religions and spiritual traditions, certainly with several similar main aspects, but what about the cosmic or universal religion?”

“This is true, my son. All religions and spiritual traditions emphasize different aspects of me. For example Buddhism emphasizes my cosmic consciousness and my compassion. Hinduism is showing the great diversity of creation on the higher planes, the great amount of gods and goddesses and their function in creation. Yoga shows the four paths of holiness which lead to me and are indeed the four parts of the one path to perfection, called Maha Yoga. The mystics have emphasized their love and devotion for me to unite with my spirit. The magicians emphasized mastery, power and the science of metaphysics. Indeed mysticism and magic are the two sides of the one path to perfection. And so you see that depending on time, place and culture people found their ways to worship me, to connect to me and to develop themselves. I don´t want to speak of all religions or spiritual traditions here as it would be too much but my examples may be enough. And yes, you are right. Beyond all relative man-made religions there is the one, eternal and perfect religion, the cosmic religion. This religion is based on love and understanding. It is the natural form of religion which all beings of the higher realms follow. It is so simple. All beings know about me as the source of life and so they love me naturally and worship me. In this relationship they receive all they need for life from me, the source and they are happy to serve me and with this to serve creation. All parts serve the greater whole and the greater whole serves all parts. And this is true for the smallest creatures up to the most powerful divine beings. Certainly every true initiate takes part in the universal religion and serves me, creation and mankind. Form this cosmic religion all other, relative religions were born and all spiritual traditions were the keepers of the higher, inner teachings for those who were mature enough to undergo true initiation and spiritual development. The inner teachings have been kept secret to prevent them from misuse of the immature people.”

“Ah, okay, I understand. So indeed the highest form or religion is at the same time the simplest form – just based on the knowledge that you exist as the highest authority and the source of life and that we as your children love you naturally and so receive all we need and that we serve the greater whole for the benefit of all. Very simple and very simple to understand. And such a smart concept. So it is all about love, service, community, care, understanding. So easy! Why do we have these complex religions on earth when everything is indeed so simple?! Probably the human need to make everything so complex that no one is able to comprehend what is really important. Typical human behavior! This reminds me of Jesus: Treat everyone like you want to be treated – with love, appreciation, respect and care!”

“Yes, you are right, my son. Indeed the highest truths were always simple.”

“Father, could you please say something about karma and fate?”

“Certainly, this is also a very simple topic. You know, the whole creation is based on the laws I have given to it. So everything in creation has a cause and analogue effects, consequences. This is neutral and valid for the positive principle and the negative one. The agglomeration of karma, of effects is called fate which has a major influence on the circumstances of life respectively on the development of something. This means that the good and the evil things which happen in life, have their causes, somewhere in the past of the people and are nothing else than the fruits which they have to reap. On the other hand, once you have understood this law, you can consciously set positive causes to reap good fruits and you can balance your negative karma by selfless, altruistic service. The initiates of old India called this the path of karma yoga. In fact all real initiates are karma yogis, servants of the light, of creation. Service is always an expression of true love and wisdom.”

“Thank you, father. So again we are asked to develop the ability of differentiation between light and darkness, to set only positive causes to reap good fruits and certainly to serve creation as when we serve the greater whole, the greater whole can serve us, the single parts. Father, Franz Bardon, the great initiate and messenger of the universal teachings, has said that the Akasha principle is going to unfold also down here in the material world. Could you explain this a little bit for us?”

“My son, the Akasha principle is the divine principle of harmony. So Bardon meant that the material world is undergoing a dynamic process of balancing for more harmony, more peace, for a better understanding and more compassion among the human beings and in creation. But further on it means that all abilities and special things of the higher spheres will find their equivalent on the material plane. For example your know the ability or phenomenon of telepathy which belongs to the characteristics of initiates. In the material realms you use now mobile phones which make conversation over any distance possible. Or take the inner vision – today you have skype for example or TV. And the internet is somehow the equivalent for the Akasha Chronic, for the all-connecting, cosmic mind with unlimited memory of everything. Much more will be invented and these developments will support the unity of people on earth, the sharing, understanding, compassion and friendship. And these things lead to working together successfully on finding solutions for the present problems of mankind.”

“Very interesting and good prospects! Thank you, father! Before we come to the end of our walk and with this to the end of our conversation, I have a few further questions. I must admit that I wonder sometimes about those who are called prophets of you and their teachings. Could you clear this?”

“My son, look, in parts I determine to send my initiates on earth for high, divine missions to teach mankind or to support important phases of development and changes. These initiates are my servants and they deliver my words. But there are also a lot of more or less spiritual searchers and further on people with mental disorders, also bad people who all have impressions of the higher realms, who think that they meet angels or me and who think that they are chosen to bring people my teachings. But in best case when these are spiritual seekers, they are not completely refined and so they get only some true aspects of my teachings mixed up with half-truths, misunderstandings and depending on their purity, maybe also with extremism. In other cases it can be delusion, maybe really extreme, evil illusions. And these problems led to many bad traditions which have nothing in common with the high universal teachings and my divine nature. So indeed, my son, you should delete all destructive teachings from religions, everything about hate, war, disfiguring of the human being, extremism, blind belief, etc. and then you should emphasize all teachings about unconditioned love, compassion, care, respect, understanding, wisdom, happiness, balance, peace and harmony. Then you have cleared the religious teachings from the evil and from the half-truths and you have reinstalled my true teachings. So in conclusion not every prophet is a real prophet and not all religious teachings are real divine teachings. In fact most teachings belong to the man-made, relative teachings, to half-truths, to culture and traditions but not to me. Additionally many teachings were perverted by time for misuse of religious power, for control and bad influences. It is the challenge for the followers of these teachings to differentiate between light and darkness to reach freedom and truth.”

“Thank you, father. Thank you very much for explaining all these topics for me. I hope this interview will serve our brothers and sisters in the world. Father, would you like to give a last advice or hint to us?”

“My beloved son, all those who hunger for wisdom and initiation into my mysteries will receive what they are looking for. Love and devotion open all doors. Ask and you will be given, as Jesus said. My advice is for all my children who read this interview to start their spiritual journey consciously. It is time to awaken, time to unfold your divine nature, time to spread love and understanding, time for friendship and cooperation. Open your souls for my love and light and receive! Realize your highest nature, come back to the source you have started from, once, long ago. Take part in the great opus, the spiritual evolution of mankind and creation. And please know that life can be seen from two different perspectives, – the limited human point of view and the unlimited spiritual point of view of the higher realms. Free yourself from limitations and become aware of your unlimited nature. Free yourself from the illusions of your limited mind. Take part in my divine nature. I truly love you, my children, without any conditions, just waiting for you to discover me. Open your heart and you will receive my love. Open your mind and you will receive my light!”

Again I throw myself in front of the feet of God in the appearance of this enlightened being. And again I am flooded by his power, by love and light. I am high, super high. I am pure ecstasy. I receive his blessings.

“My son, thank you for being a messenger of my words! You and I are one. You are my true son, a brother of the light. Go on with your mission. May my love and light shine through your mind and soul! May you be a good example for your brothers and sisters! May you serve them well!”

“Yes, father, I serve your will, your divine plans. Thank you for all your love and blessings!”

The appearance dissolves but I am still full of divine spirit, radiating like a sun. And yes, I know, we are here to serve, to share love, compassion and wisdom. We are all brothers and sisters, friends, family and it is up to us to make the most of our life on earth, to experience real happiness.