Vedic Astrological Readings with Tamara

I am offering Vedic Astrological Readings with emphasis on Rahu & Ketu or the North and South Node in the horoscope.

The Nodes are significant points, describing a karmic and evolutionary path or “body” (in mythology it is a demon cut in two halves, each part sitting on one extreme of the Node Axis). Ketu is also called our “castle”, where we are coming from, our security paradigm, which often make us being stuck in the castle and so in life situations. Rahu is the “jungle”, the unknown place we have to discover and merge ourselves full-heartedly into, to make the experience needed for changing life patterns and finally healing our Node Axis. How easy it is to make this necessary shift is dependent on the signs and houses the Nodes are in, as well as the overall planetary constellations.

I work with tropical zodiacs (used in Western Astrology) and Vedic Astrological System mainly after Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra as taught by the Astrologer Ernst Wilhelm.

I offer the reading of approximately 1 to 1,5 hours for only 75 Euro.

There is also the possibility of having a supplemental recommendation of Bach Flower Remedies, based on your chart, for 25 Euro.

The readings are done via Zoom in English or German language.

All that is needed is the information of birth date and time, and the place where you were born.

For more information and appointment, please contact me using this email: vedicastrology(at)posteo(dot)de