The meaning of spirituality today

Today we experience a time where a lot of things have changed, -things which were valid and right for hundreds or thousands of years. As longs as mankind can remember, we had religions which taught us about moral and ethics, which provided a clear conception of the world, of God, the status of a human being and creation. Additionally society provided traditional and cultural values which give a clear orientation in life, which clearly differentiated between right and wrong, good and bad behavior.

So in fact the human being had clear limitations and directives for everything in life. This made society work and life comprehensible.

Today it has changed. The human being receives today a good scientific education, has a lot of personal freedom and is not limited by his local religion, culture or tradition. Human values or values of society are no longer dominant. Everyone can do what he likes to. The individual can unfold. We can also say, – the ego can unfold. And it does.

The former values and limitations have been replaced by something new and all dominating: Money or better said the maximization of profits. Profit maximization and ego maximization cause a lot of problems as someone has to lose to make someone else win. And indeed today a lot of have to lose as much as possible, so that a few can win a lot, – as much as possible. This is the law of  profit maximization and ego worshipping. And due to this we have to face a lot of suffering, wars, hate and endless problems, – just because someone wants to make maximum profits at the costs of all others. The term “responsibility” has vanished. The term “wisdom” has vanished and also other terms like “compassion”, “understanding”, “honor”, etc. have vanished. It seems that we do not need any wisdom or compassion today. It seems that we are smarter than our ancestors. But obviously this is just an insane, dangerous delusion.

At the moment many people face the problem that they are torn between the old form of life, – their tradition/ religion with all the limitations and searching for an answer to all the problems of today. With the high level of education no one is really able to accept all the teachings of the old religions, all their rules and directives – just because we know too much today to take everything as truth. We are too independent today, too individual to follow religious authorities without questioning their authorization.

So in fact something new has to be the answer which is able to combine a high degree of education, knowledge and self- responsibility with true values which give orientation to solve the problems of today. And this answer is spirituality.

Spirituality is the core of all spiritual traditions and of all religions. When we integrate spirituality into our world view, in our life and business, then we do the best for us, for our fellow men and creation. Then we can find balance in ourselves and we can create balance in society.

Spirituality does not care about half-truths or misunderstandings in religions. Spirituality is able to look across borders, to solve conflicts, to understand others. Spirituality is based on wisdom, love and compassion. And spirituality can cloth itself in all local traditions, cultures and religious backgrounds. Spirituality is a matter of a free choice – you are self-responsible, you can believe in what fits to you personally. There is no one who says that´s right or wrong. It is your free decision. You can follow Buddha or Jesus, you can take the path of a Yogi or Taoist. It is up to you. It means freedom. And freedom is the great chance of today, the freedom to choose your own, individual way which fits your needs.

And when you follow a spiritual path, then you understand that all religions and all spiritual traditions have one universal source, that we all are moving to the same destination, back to the divine source where we came from. Taking the spiritual journey just means to follow actively the foreseen natural evolution of mind and soul. Indeed we are all the same – spirits on their way back home, enhanced with amazing experiences, grown by countless challenges and at last refined to high human-divine degrees.

We also discover on this journey that everywhere and for everyone the same universal laws of nature are valid. And certainly we are asked to study them to grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Sura, the International Theistic Federation, provides this knowledge and serves in the name of spirituality the natural evolution of mankind, of all those awakened souls which feel the wish to move on, to continue consciously the spiritual journey through time and space, through so many fascinating incarnations.

So if you like to meet like-minded spiritual souls, if you like to take part in a high quality spiritual education based on universal teachings, if you like to take part in altruistic projects and if you like to create a better, a spiritual world for all of us, then join us!

We will be happy to welcome you cordially!

With love and light,

Ray del Sole,

Initiator of SURA-ITF