My first book in spanish!

Dear fellows,
I am happy to proclaim that my first book in spanish has been published recently!
It is called “Autohipnosis Para La Iniciación A Las Ciencias Ocultas De Franz Bardón” and is the translation of my book “Autohypnosis for Franz Bardon´s Initiation into Hermetics”. I have added to this version two further articles about the spiritual development of the human being, the mile stones and the higher aims.
I am very thankful to Dalys who made this translation, – something I haven´t dreamt of so far. Normally a translation is not feasible because it is too expensive or the work is just too complex. But Dalys was so kind to make big sacrifices so that this book manifested for all true seekers of the spanish speaking world.

May this work help you to make progress on your spiritual path according to the universal standards!

In love, light and service,
Ray del Sole & Dalys

PS: The book is available on and on amazon, also soon for kindle.