Mystical healing technique (and more)

The spiritual development and the whole spiritual training can be quite demanding, quite challenging but not everything is hard work. In parts it is just a matter of knowledge and the use of the right techniques to gain special or great results. These things belong more to the mystical side of the training.
Today I want to share such a technique with a diversity of possible applications. The good thing is that you do not need a long training to be able to use these techniques because it is in main just a matter of your true spiritual attitude. And this is the key, – the right spiritual attitude. When you have it, then you can use the technique to accelerate your whole spiritual development, to make it safer, better, easier.
All the techniques which I present here soon depend in main on one thing which has to be understood and practiced. To understand this you should be able to answer my question:
“How do you communicate with a fish or with a bird?”
Take time and think about it.
Because it probably takes too long to find the right answer I will help you:
So, certainly you can talk directly to a fish or a bird: “Hello fish, how are you doing? How is the water?” or “Hello bird, where do you fly?”
Probably you get no answer. Probably because they do not understand you and probably they cannot answer you.
Now you can try it with telepathy. So if you are good you maybe get some information but probably it is no real communication, no real understanding.
So what is the real problem and what is the real solution?
The problem is that you are a human being who has a different nature than a bird or a fish and further on you do not share their habitat – you are not flying through the air and you are not swimming in the ocean. So a communication is very difficult and the understanding even more.
And what is the solution?
Think about – in which case in the communication perfect?
Right! When a bird talks with another bird and a fish with another fish. So indeed only two individuals of the same nature can communicate with each other perfectly.
And now think about why humans have problems to communicate with their spiritual guides, guardian angels, deceased friends, angels, gods, and God himself.
Why do people have the impression that their prayers are not heard, that the spiritual guide, angels and God are so unreachable, obviously don´t want to communicate with you? Why?
Got it?
The answer is simple – in the normal case the human nature is different to the high spiritual nature of angels, guides, etc. and further on they live in different habitats. It is nearly the same thing if you want to talk to a bird or a fish although the residents of the higher realms can understand you better. But still the communication normally is quite bad and unsatisfying.
So if you want to communicate successfully with higher beings from higher realms and if you want to cooperate with them, to receive their blessings, their inspiration, guidance and support then you have to change your way of talking to them.
And this little piece of information is the master key for a good relationship with the higher realms and their residents. And certainly if all people knew about it, all people would have success with their prayers and would receive guidance, blessings and help.
So indeed the understanding of this small thing is more than important and most precious.
Now, what do you have to do to establish a good communication with the higher realms?
You must change something about your own nature and your habitat. But how?
Quite simple:
Take your asana, relax your physical body, withdraw your attention from the physical world and shift it to your inner world of mind, thoughts and feelings. (This is just the normal process of meditation.) Now focus on the ideas of love and light. Feel that you are a being of love and light, increase light and love in your mind and soul. And now imagine that you are also surrounded by love and light. You are in the center of pure love and light. You are a being of love and light in the center of a space of love and light. And now you have changed your nature and your habitat successfully to be able to communicate with the higher beings.
The next steps are up to you and your aims/wishes.
While you stay in the center of love and light, being saturated with love and light, you can call your spiritual guide, other spiritual guides, gods, goddesses, divine beings, angels, guardian angels, special angels with a special function in creation (like healing, protection, special knowledge and powers…) and also deceased friends, family members and whoever is living in the higher realms. And certainly you are in the right state to unite with God, the divine spirit. So in conclusion you can call someone you want to meet to appear instantly. For example you call your spiritual guide and maybe angels and then they hear your call and appear in front of you. And now you can talk to them.
In the beginning you might just know somehow that they are there but the more you practice this technique the better you will be able to sense them, to feel them, to hear and see them. This is just a matter of training.
And certainly talking is nice but more important is to connect to them, to receive useful insights, blessings, healing, enlightenment, help, support, etc. So you can ask these things for yourself but also for others who are in need.
And then it makes much sense to ask for help to develop your communication skills in best way, also to cooperate with them for special tasks.
Remember that there are divine beings (angels) which cover ALL aspects of creation, ALL sciences, ALL talents, ALL abilities and which can support you in ALL aspects of your spiritual training and spiritual development. These beings can help you to solve ALL your problems and challenges in best possible way.
Beside these divine beings there is your personal spiritual guide who cares especially about your incarnation, your development, etc. So it makes much sense to ask for his direct support.
And beside the divine beings and spiritual guides, there are teachers or masters available who can offer teaching and guidance in special fields.
So indeed the spiritual realms are more than rich of great beings. The only thing you have to regard is that all these beings respect your freedom and do not intervene or help on their own. So you have to ask them. And when you are filled with love and light then you are similar to God, to a divine authority, a higher being itself and all higher beings will like to help you and to support you. So in general the position in the center is the place of God, of a divine authority, of a master.
Let us take now an example – a mystical healing treatment:
You have already changed your nature to love and light and you are also surrounded by an atmosphere of love and light. Now you can call on the angels of healing and maybe masters of healing: “In the name of divine love and light, I call you, masters and angels of healing to help me. Please appear!” Instantly you become aware that higher beings have arrived. “Thank you for joining me, dear master and angels of healing! I have called you to beg for your help. My friend XY suffers from a bad disease and I beg you to help him to understand the reasons for this illness, what he is supposed to learn and to enlighten him so that he is able to learn his lesson in best way. Please help him to recover. He is open to receive your love and healing energies and he is grateful to receive your kind treatments. I am very grateful too for all you can do for him! Thank you so much! May God bless you for your kind help and support!” Now the masters and angels leave and they will give your friend a good treatment.
From this example you see that it is also important to be open and receptive for help, for higher energies of love, healing and enlightenment.
Another example: Imagine you have a challenge and you are not really sure how to cope with it in best way. Then you can call on the corresponding divine beings and you can tell them about your problem and your ideas. Then you can beg them for inspiration, guidance, the right understanding of the problem and for finding the right solution. Indeed you can communicate with them, listening to their messages in form of visions, or heard messages or also automatic writing. You will find the right way for your individual talents. Just be open to receive answers, be passive and receptive.
And in general, be aware of the fact that the residents of the higher realms can help you in a great way to make progress on your spiritual path, to refine yourself and to develop higher abilities, a higher intuition, a higher understanding. So use this way for your own progress, also certainly to help others indirectly.
Spread love, light and wisdom. Give healing to your fellow men and to creation. Use your good connections for the benefit of all.
Connect consciously to the spiritual realms and become aware that you are a part of a great loving and caring family.

I truly wish you all the divine blessings, healing, support and happiness which are a part of this mystical technique. Enjoy your unity with the greater whole!

Yours, Ray