An additional revolution

Many changes are ahead – for society, business and economy in general and so life will change too in the coming years and decades. I have written already about a few revolutions and an additional one is the implementation of 3d printers. These super printers can work with different substances in three dimensions. So they function like normal printers but can create all kinds of 3d objects for all kinds of purposes. So you can “print” real objects, you can create tools, you can replace broken parts of machines but you can also print living cells to form organs for surgery but also for example steaks for lunch.

These possibilities are amazing. And indeed nearly everyone is able to buy such a 3d printer for his own use. Meanwhile you can get a great diversity of plans in the internet to create all kinds of useful objects. This makes you to some degree independent from companies or craftsmen and certainly you can create your own production business.

The 3d printers will continue to develop to fantastic degrees of usage in the coming future. So interesting times are ahead for all of us including major changes in nearly all aspects of life and work.

Become aware of the chances which open up for everyone. As usual – get the most out of it!