About tales and old stories

When you were a child then you maybe have read a lot of fairy tales and stories from the ancient times. These narrations are often very mysterious, full of wonders and amazing events. Strange things are possible, like talking to animals, seeing mermaids, spirits of nature and certainly always experiencing great adventures. Sometimes you can also read about real horror, beings of the dark, ghosts, the undead, vampires, etc.
Today you see only the material world, where nothing really interesting or amazing is happening. In some areas of the world you can be lucky, happy if you see a real animal (no pets). The world has lost its fascination, its wonders and it became boring, dead. Materialism and the atheistic-materialistic science have killed what once were life and the mysteries of nature, creation. Due to this you probably do not believe at all in the old tales and stories.
But when you become an initiate then you know that all the stories are real, to high degrees and just reflecting the astral world, the astral reality.
In the ancient times the astral world and the material world were very close, good connected and people were able to perceive this higher reality, this other dimension of creation and so it was normal to communicate with the spirits of nature, with amazing creatures and to experience wonders, to speak with gods and deities, to experience divine realms and also dark worlds. In fact all these things were quite normal, nothing special. But step by step this deeper connection between the different planes of creation got loose until we lost it. And now it seems that we live in a dead world of matter without spirit, without life, without magic.
So when you read ancient tales, old narrations about the gods and their realms, about strange beings and strange happenings, then be aware that they point at the astral realms and a time where the different planes of creation had a deeper connection.
Besides this, the old initiates and scientists loved to put holy knowledge into stories, tales to protect the spiritual knowledge and also to pass it on to coming generations. So you find old tales with secret knowledge which wants to be discovered. The great mysteries and the old cosmic knowledge is sometimes wrapped in old legends, in fairy tales and those who are awakened will understand the hidden symbolism.