The rising of the diabolic spirit

In Europe we can examine unhealthy developments. Thanks to the crisis of the financial system and the overwhelming debts of the single countries, a dangerous atmosphere is rising which can easily end in civil wars.

99% of all countries worldwide are in unfathomable financial debts which no one ever could pay back (to whom?). Those who are in control proclaim that the normal citizens are responsible for these debts, for the financial crisis as the normal citizens have spent money beyond healthy limits and so they have to pay to stabilize the system. The logical consequence is that all countries are asked to save money, to save services at all costs to reduce the expenses and to pay back debts. Further on it is foreseen that the governments take money by expropriation from the citizens to pay debts. The result is the stabilization of the financial system and the reduction of debts to such a degree that new credits are granted.

Certainly this is big nonsense, does not work at all and nourishes only the evil, the dark side. Normal people are not responsible for a satanic financial system. Normal people do not spend more money than they are ever able to pay back. Normal people cannot save money as their income is limited to the necessary expenses for life. If normal people are forced to save money or to give money then this means suffering, misery and disasters for normal economy. When you have no money, you cannot buy anything and when no one buys products or services then no one can earn money and when no one earns money then major problems are ahead.

Indeed something is really wrong with our financial system. Our forefathers have warned us about this form of financial system. They said that it is unholy, inhuman, evil. It produces debts which are growing by time, which can never be paid back, which enslave whole countries, which take the freedom of people.

Our financial system was installed by the evil, the brothers of darkness to enslave and control our world, all people worldwide. And certainly they are the puppet masters which control our governments, our politicians who proclaim this nonsense, who make people suffer, who let the economy break down of whole countries, who cause high amounts of unemployed young people, who destroy the future of thousands, millions of people. These servants of darkness proclaim that there is no other way than to pay back virtual debts to those who are in control, who are powerful, rich, ruling, who play chess with whole nations.

But the worst thing is that they incite hate, aggressions among the people, among the countries. They sow the seeds of war in Europe, in the USA and in other regions worldwide. This is the rising of the diabolic spirit, the spirit which separates, which longs for war and destruction. So when you watch the news on TV, you can see a lot of people demonstrating against the people of other countries for no real reason. Why should normal people hate each other? Why? You can be angry, you can hate, but only those who are really responsible for all the evil which is happening and these are those who are in control, the politicians in the governments who have sold the wellbeing, the freedom and the wealth of their people to their puppet masters, to the brethren of darkness.

To prevent civil wars, global wars, suffering and misery we have to understand that it is not about other countries, not about other people but it is all about the real evil and the servants of darkness who try to manipulate us, who try to make us fight against each other for no reasons.

We have to inform everyone that we have to defend ourselves against the dark leaders in the world, that we have to cooperate beyond all limitations of countries, languages, culture, religion and tradition, we have to concentrate all our powers, all the good to stand the fight against the dark forces. It is our challenge of today to bridge our differences worldwide to be able to cope with the rising darkness. As soon as we understand that we are ONE mankind with ONE planet and ONE future, we will be able to face all our problems successfully.

The diabolic spirit tries to separate but we have to unite!

Let us unite in love, wisdom and power for an enlightened future!

Please spread the message that we shall never fight against each other but that we shall unite to fight the real evil in the world for peace and happiness for everyone on earth.

Support the principle of light, of love and wisdom!

Challenging times are ahead for nearly everyone worldwide. So please take care and follows the high ideals for the benefit of everyone.

Yours, in love, light and service,

Ray del Sole