The problem with the mystical training

In fact we have a real problem with the mystical training in general and in particular with the training schedule of Bardon. J. T. was so kind to make me aware of this.

The general problem is that real, useful mystical teachings for training do not really exist. Mystical training always has been a matter of initiation by the master or guru. The disciple was well chosen as a high degree of devotion, love, purity, humbleness, etc. was required. After a longer time of meditation, clearing, preparing, refining, asceticism, praying and so on, the master activated certain astral centers of the student and installed special streams of energy, – connected the student to special sources of energies from higher planes. This all led to a kind of dying of the old personality and the unfolding of the divine nature in the disciple. It can be also called enlightenment, the reconnection to God, the activation of the divine centers in the soul, the energetic system, a process of clearing, healing, refinement and transformation. This mystical education was more secret than other secret techniques and knowledge as it dealt directly with high mysteries and the divine being.

Today it is not feasible, not good to activate certain centers in a student to transform his whole nature. This is a kind of violation including a lot of suffering. Feasible is a step by step training which leads naturally to refinement and the unity with God, including the unfolding of divine virtues and in parts of siddhis, spiritual powers and abilities.

Looking at the system of Bardon we can say that Bardon simply expects before the start a mystic nature, the loving of God, devotion and a strong desire to unite with the divine spirit. Only a true mystic has the best chances to cope with all exercises and to reach his holy aim in the end – the experience of the divine nature, the divine unity and enlightenment, the merging with all divine virtues in the tenth step.

Besides this – magic as a science and training is the basis for real mystical training and real experiences. Without the energetic training of the human body and without mastering all kinds of universal energies, no one is really able to experience God in a comprehensive way. A more or less normal human being is only able to experience a glimpse of the divine majesty, of the divine spirit, of enlightenment. The divine spirit is much too powerful to bear in a normal low frequency body.

The magical training certainly serves the mystical refinement but only indirectly and it is up to the student to do consciously mystical exercises. The first highlight of mystical development is certainly the tenth step where the student has to unite with God in different ways to experience the main divine virtues and the spirit itself.

But the real mystical training is described in the third book about the cosmic language of creation. Then the student unites with all divine virtues and powers to transform his refined human nature to a true and complete divine nature. Then he is a true son of God like Jesus was, a perfect temple of God, a macrocosmic spirit, an authority among the spirits of the spheres. This is total refinement.

But this kind of training requires a long training with all “normal” universal energies to be able to stand these macrocosmic forces.

So in conclusion the main question is, what kind of training is useful to pay respect to the mystical side of spiritual development as quantity and quality should go hand in hand for best results, security and real progress.

In fact a mystical training is not difficult, you just have to know what to do. For now I recommend to study the old mystics of India, those of Europe and Rumi to get inspiration.

For the future, I will work out mystical exercises to complete the magical exercises of Bardon. I will publish them in form of a small book but this can take a while as I am very busy.

Besides this, I offer mystical training and mystical webinars at SURA. So all true mystics fit perfectly to SURA.

We are the servants of the light, the Suras.