Love is the law

But love under control. This is what the master says.

When we look at the all-embracing divine love then we can see that this highest form of love works in a completely unconditional way. This love is not limited. It requests no conditions. It is just permanently flowing to all beings of creation. It is time- and spaceless, completely independent. It is all-connecting, all-underlying. It belongs to Akasha. This love does not ask if you are a good soul or a bad guy. It is just flowing. The only problem is that bad guys are not aware of this nourishing love and cannot consciously receive it. Only the good souls consciously receive the divine love with an open heart and certainly they reply this love and spread it among their fellow men, in creation. So as you see here it is just a matter of being open and aware to receive. Your heart must be developed.

This divine love is connecting all true spiritual beings in the whole creation and it is the basis of SURA. This love creates an atmosphere of understanding, feeling well, feeling appreciated and respected. It is the feeling of being a true human family beyond all differences, worldwide, the feeling of the underlying unity. It is the basis for a good communication, for a good mood, for fun and for enjoying the time of meetings for webinars and personal exchange.

And then there are other forms of love, the love between two persons, caused by the natural attraction of the female and the male pole of the higher unity of man and woman. With this natural attraction of the two poles of this polarity all kinds of ideas, emotions and desires are connected which can cause a lot of chaos, problems and hurt. It is the conditioned love, love which is bound to certain conditions, “terms of use”. Here the ego plays a major role, the idea of owning someone, of being bound or dedicated to someone. Desires play also a major role as they are the expression of the needs for balance, for the exchange of energies. All these things often withdraw themselves the conscious control of the affected persons. So we have here the unhealthy case of love without control.

For spiritual couples it is important to become aware of these things and to reach a higher degree of love and relationship. Here is the right attitude to love the partner in first place unconditionally, wishing him the best for his life, happiness and fulfillment and showing true care and compassion. In the second place this “core love” is completed with the natural love by attraction and then the natural desire for unity on the physical level. Then you have the best case of love under control with respect to all planes of existence and the positive cultivation of love in its different forms of appearance.

Love under control means also to respect your situation, your duties, your obligations for others and not to disregard them for serving your lower desires. It is the principle of spirit ruling over emotions and desires. It is the aim of spiritual development to make the spirit ascend the throne, so that the spirit frees himself from the slavery of emotions and desires. The spirit is the true king in the human microcosm and he has to rule.

So love is the law but under the control of the spirit.

If we neglect this truth, then we can cause chaos which often causes pain and suffering for those who are near to us.

So always follow the high ideals of love to experience true happiness and save you from suffering and chaos by keeping control.

Love is the law.



PS: To prevent misunderstandings:

The spiritual master Franz Bardon said “Love is the law but love under will/control.” in his first book in a subordinated context with the following meaning:

No one should become a victim of love as love has also dark sides, when it is a product of bad intentions or bad behavior.  That´s the message. And I know many people who are victims of wha they call “love” and they suffer. Love must be a decision of freedom. So everyone should take responsibility for his behavior regarding love. Your free will/decision should not be defeated by your desires or bad ideas as this can cause chaos and suffering. Both partners in a relationship have to respect each other without a one-dimensional dependency.

And certainly wisdom is the crown, love is the way and the will serves love and wisdom. This is lawful. And this is the standard all true spiritual people should follow. And certainly this is the standard of SURA.