God and freedom

God has a diversity of virtues, of powers. A useful access to the understanding and worshipping of God is to perceive God in the four highest divine virtues of omnipotence, omniscience, all-embracing love and immortality, for example. But indeed these are already manifested qualities and powers on the highest mental-spiritual plane of creation. Beyond these attributes there is the highest spirit, unfathomable, without real attributes, without time and space, without form. The initiates call it Akasha, something which is not created but the source of creation, underlying creation, the principle of harmony, balance, perfection. The highest spirit, the cosmic spirit, the cosmic consciousness is beyond creation. It reminds me of the saying that the spirit of God was floating above the waters. Indeed the spirit of God is floating above creation.

For the spiritual student this has two meanings:

One aim in his spiritual development is to unfold the four elements in himself to the divine degree – until he takes part in the four divine virtues, to experience God in this way.

The second aim is to unite with the fifth element, with Akasha, the spirit beyond creation. And this means to go beyond omnipotence, omniscience, all-embracing love and immortality. It means to leave your human world and also the divine world for the unknown. You must go beyond love, beyond wisdom, beyond power and there you will find true freedom, true independence, unity.

In some way you can say that you sacrifice all these virtues, that you must overcome them to experience the highest spirit, the divine being, the fifth element, Akasha, the One. And then you know what freedoms means and you know that you cannot be trapped neither by power nor by love nor by wisdom. You have realized the divine sovereignty. You are free, pure, perfect and it is up to you to take an dependency and to leave it. It is up to your free will. You have become a master of yourself. You are centered in yourself and you are in control of yourself.

Certainly you will connect with Akasha and with the divine virtues and with the human virtues in respect to the law of perfection.

These things are a matter of processes in the spiritual training, steps in the spiritual development.

And maybe you remember the words of a great master and Quabbalist: “I am in this world but not from this world!” It has the same meaning. We are meant to gain spiritual freedom, to be free in our decisions, to be free for making the right choices.

Freedom is the highest value which we can gain beyond the beauty of divine virtues.

These explanations are the cause why the high initiates always told their students to do not become dependent on virtues, spiritual powers but to go on to discover the cosmic being, the pure spirit and to reach freedom by uniting with it.

So if someone stays hungry for power, for love or wisdom then he cannot discover real freedom, he stays bound by his chosen virtue.

Please have in mind that this is just a step in the spiritual development and that you come back from Akasha to reunite with all your virtues. But certainly this experience has a transforming power and will change your life.