The next revolution

Behind the scenes of our everyday life a new area for mankind is preparing its birth. It is a new time which provides major changes for life, for business, for everyone in many ways.

Probably you remember the movie “Rise of the Machines” with humanoid robots like T800, – the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This movie showed a world where intelligent machines, robots took over and tried to destroy mankind.

We have now reached a level or progress where humanoid robots already work in an astonishing performance. When such robots wear a full body suit then you cannot differentiate them from real human beings. They can walk, they can do all kinds of jobs and certainly it is not a real challenge to supply them with a high artificial intelligence. And then you nearly have your first T800.

And it is not only a humanoid robot which is in development, probably already quite perfect. There are also several other robots, on four feet, called big dogs and working like transports for heavy loads in open terrain. Imagine that some of them are already able to run with over 30 miles per hour. Imagine this! How fast can you run? And how long can you run?

Certainly this is not all. In the coming future whole industry complexes will be run by robots, by a meta intelligence for perfect production processes in highest efficiency. And guess who works cheaper, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with highest efficiency and without any mistakes? A human being or a robot?

So what do we have to expect in the next years? Robots and artificial intelligence, worldwide connected, will enter our life in a massive way. Robots will take a big part in our lives. They will work for us and instead of us. They will take the majority of jobs. And they will be those who kill in wars. A great dependency on robots and artificial intelligence will develop quite fast.

With these inventions major changes come along for society and it is up to mankind how we handle these changes. The whole economic system has to be redesigned. The system of taxes has to be redesigned. A new sense for life in the material world has to be found as we cannot fill our time with normal 8 hour work per day. In best case this leads to more freedom and to better chances for individual development, for the conscious unfolding of the human nature. In worst case it leads to a lot of suffering, fights, problems.

So far can be said that at first and in a bigger extent all the robots will be implemented for wars, the fighting of terrorists, rebels and for the industrial production. And this with all consequences. Later the machines, robots are used for civil fields, for peaceful purposes and everyday life.

In the farer future these robots will be so advanced that they will be able to bear a kind of mental consciousness/intelligence. This can be compared with the creation of mental beings by initiates. And here we can examine the prediction of Bardon, that the Akasha Principle will unfold in the material world. This means, that all the things which we know from higher planes, all the techniques will appear in the material world in an analogue form. And one day we will live in a magical-technical world where the access and understanding of the higher realms is given, where the human being becomes a kind of master in creation.

These developments are quite interesting and everyone can watch videos on youtube about the latest robots in action. Maybe it is useful to think about our future and about what is waiting for us, to survive the changes, to give them a positive direction.