What you should know about my webinars

Since 2012 I offer webinars about spiritual topics and especially about spiritual training. These webinars belong to the work of SURA and deal only with spiritual education.

Maybe you have asked yourself, what you can expect and what not.

Some have read my books or know me already from my former spiritual communities. They expect only good things, new insights, support in training, useful experiences, a good atmosphere, fun, understanding, friendship.

Then there are others who made already bad experiences in different groups and maybe haven´t really read anything of me. So they are sceptical, maybe have fears, doubts, etc.

So, and what is the reality? What can you really expect?

First of all, I am not looking like Gandalf, Saruman or maybe Radagast. I am not looking or behaving in a strange way. I have no beard and no hat. I am a kind person which looks quite normal. I have a positive attitude like a Buddhist.

If you want to have fears then please visit a ghost train. I can only offer a positive, friendly atmosphere with respect, understanding and fun in my webinars, –  a true spiritual atmosphere.

If you want to meet someone from the dark side then please watch Star Wars or look for a fitting group in the internet. I cannot provide this. Please understand this. I and all members of SURA cultivate a positive, spiritual attitude which is based on love and wisdom, on the feeling of being a great international spiritual family, where you enjoy every meeting, where it feels good to see each other and have a good time together. And in fact we always have a good, happy time in our webinars.

If you wish to experience some mumbo jumbo then please look TV or visit a magic show. But if you want high quality knowledge, useful teachings of techniques for your spiritual development, then you are right in my webinars.

And if you want to make real experiences of the higher nature of creation and the human being, then you are also right in my webinars. These first experiences can save you a lot of time in your training, a lot of experiments, mistakes and misunderstandings, so that you are able to undergo an efficient form of training, making good progress.

All teachings and all techniques represent a high level of quality as a result of comprehensive studies in theory and practice. It is probable not easy to find comparable offers. And although all teachings are based in their core on Bardon, we represent the universal teachings which can be find in Buddhism, Yoga, Taoism, etc. We are not limited by a single tradition or relative point of view.

And what is the crucial point?

Quite simple: You have to show a true spiritual attitude to be able to take part in the webinars. Without the right attitude the webinars make no sense at all. And if you misuse the knowledge for bad intentions then you could hurt yourself. So the request for a true spiritual attitude serves your security, your health and certainly it serves a high quality standard for all participants.

We are servants of the light – 100% genuine. For all grey shades and for darkness you have to look somewhere else and you will find a fitting offer for sure.

In best case you become a member of SURA, the International Theistic Federation and then you can take part in our webinars as it is useful for you.

In the future 99% of the webinars will be offered only to real members of SURA – for reasons of security and high quality standard.

At SURA we are like a family. SURA is my baby and all members are my brothers and sisters. And I care for my family with love, understanding and individual support.


I hope I was able to give some hints about my webinars.

For further information please ask me.


Ray del Sole