The mystical meditation

When we face the spiritual development which is nothing else than the active, conscious work on our natural evolution, then we have two main aspects, – the scientific side which is called magic, metaphysics and the quality side which is called mysticism, refinement, feeling.

Magic is pure science, pure physics on all three planes, all about abilities, techniques, energies and matter, etc. It is the basis for refinement, for professional mysticism. Without magic there is no way to transform your nature to divine degrees which is the highest aim of spiritual development.

Mysticism is why all true spiritual seekers have started their journey. Mysticism is based on our longing for unity with the divine spirit. In the material world we are always on the search for satisfaction, for happiness, for feeling complete. We search in the outer world but we do not find something which really offers complete and lasting happiness, something is always missing. When you wake up, you understand that God is missing, something inside of you and not something outside, nothing material but indeed spirit, divine spirit, with all the divine virtues, especially unconditional love, this nourishing, healing, comforting, embracing love.

When you meditate about God then you understand that God is everything, it is all you ever needed, all you ever wanted, all you ever searched for. You understand that God is the greatest, the most beautiful being, the source of life, the source of creation, the source of you. You understand that God contains everything in best and most perfect way which creation can offer. God is pure perfection in all imaginable aspects. And then you understand how much you love God, how much you desire unity with the divine spirit, how much you long for being connected with God, how much you worship God. You understand that God is the most precious and adorable being which exists. You understand that you are nothing without God. You understand that the unity with God is the most important aim in life and you feel that you need to reach this aim at all costs and you feel ready to sacrifice your own darkness, all these unrefined qualities of yourself to become a worthy temple of the divine spirit. You understand the destination of your journey and you know that reaching your aim is more than mind-blowing, far beyond the human understanding, that divine mysteries and treasures are waiting for you.

And how do you unite with God?

As a true mystic you unite with God in deepest devotion, in deepest humbleness, in deepest love, in deepest adoration of his beauty, of his majesty and you open yourself to receive the divine spirit, to receive the divine light, the enlightenment. And when you are ready, when you are prepared, then the divine spirit will come, will enter your soul and unite with you in ecstasy. And then the holy marriage of the divine spirit and your soul is accomplished and you will experience the joy of unity, the overwhelming happiness and you will be forever grateful, forever in love, forever the temple of the ONE, forever the loyal servant, the loyal ambassador of the divine being. And then you understand what perfection means, what it means to be complete.

Love is the key. Always.

I am just a mystic, in love with God, united with the divine spirit. Maybe we meet one day, maybe at SURA-ITF to celebrate the brotherhood of mankind, to celebrate the divine all-embracing love which unites all of us beyond all differences. I hope to see you, my Dear sister, my Dear brother. Let us work together for the true values of wisdom and love, for the healing of mankind and creation. Let us serve together the divine will.


In love, light and service, – always!

Ray del Sole