The lost powers of society

In its basic definition society means nothing else than the sum of people living in a certain place. So we have two poles, – society as the one pole and the individual as the other pole. Then we can speaks of society in plural according to the amount of people and the place where they live. So we have smaller societies, bigger ones. We have big societies which include small ones. And at last we can say that we have an “absolute” society which includes mankind as a whole.

Society means community, means communion, collective and coexistence. It means interdependence. It means responsibility for yourself and the others.

In a good community all members are respected, have same rights and duties according to their abilities, qualities, etc. In a good community all basic values are shared. For example when you look at the family as the smallest kind of society, then you see that all members care for each other. All members share their food, their income, their place/space of living, all things which are necessary for life, etc. They care for each other. Love is connecting all members. In this way everyone can unfold himself, can grow, can live, can follow his sense in life. Indeed society, community are the basis for successful life, for survival in best way.

Now imagine something strange. Imagine that one member of the family gathers all the food so that others have to stay hungry or have to do extra work, service for him to gain a little bit of food. Maybe there is also another member who acts this way regarding the space to live or something else. What would happen? Such a behavior would cause a big imbalance in this society, in this family. Suffering would be a result. While a few members have to suffer, other members would have a lot/too much of something important for life. This would be quite unhealthy. Just imagine the example that a father would withhold food for his son or his wife while his plate is overloaded with food. This is unimaginable. This is not feasible. It feels not right, not good. It violates all human values.

Now imagine that the son asks his father for getting an expansive car and the father say “No”. Here the too expansive car would violate the resources of the family. Spending too much money for a single member at the expense of the whole family, society is not lawful and would cause suffering and a big imbalance. So saying “No” is right.

Here you can see the dynamic of society. It is important to keep the balance between the two poles – individual and society.

When you take now a look at our societies today, what can you see? Great imbalances which cause on the one hand great suffering for a majority and on the other hand great profits for a few members, for a minority. This is very unhealthy. This is not good. This causes the necessity for balancing which has to take naturally.

When we look at the society of a country, then we see the necessity that all vital resources and all vital functions have to stay under the control of society and NOT under the control of a few who use this power to make personal profits.

Imagine that justice would be a matter of a few people and not in control of society. Would this be good? Would this be useful?

Imagine that food and water be controlled by a few and not by society? What would happen?

Imagine that land, property would be controlled by a few instead of the society, instead being controlled by the sum of people?

And now think about what has happened worldwide due to the fact that money as a form of vital energy, as a vital function, was given into private hands, to banks which are not property of society, which are foreseen to make profits for a few and not to serve for the whole. What has happened by leaving the control of this vital function to a few?

All countries are in debts which they are never be able to pay back! How can a whole society, a sovereign institution, become ever indebted by an individual, by a private bank? How can be a single member so rich to give the greater society credits? This is an unlawful imbalance. And certainly it is artificial and based on fraud.

In nature, in creation there is never a single being which has of anything more than the whole community or more than two other members. This is an imbalance which causes big problems of power, dependence, suffering.

So we can say that what is called money, banking, etc. has to be kept in the hands of society, in the hands of all members, of the community. This great power should never be left to single members of society as this is a major imbalance which causes all the destruction and evil we have to experience today.

So in fact society should always rule over the vital functions of the whole community to keep the balance, the harmony for all members, also to stay independent from single individuals and private power.

In best case society controls justice, the executive, energy, money and other basic, vital functions. Then society can flourish and with this all members.

The motto has to be:

“Each member serves society and society serves each member!”

Today is the motto:

“Society sucks the majority of people and serves a minority.”

This is not good and must change, will change according to the laws of creation. It is just a matter of time.

We have to restore the natural-divine order in society, in our material world, for mankind and creation, for us.


In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole


PS: If you like to take part in the design of a society which is based on the lawful, natural-divine order,  which serves its members, so that they can flourish, then please join us at SURA-ITF. We are in need for positive changes in respect to God, mankind and creation. And we are those who have to work for them.