Imagine we had real values

When you take a look at our world and how it works, how we work, then you probably notice that mankind is in main driven by money.

For what do you work? Money.

For what does a politician work? Money.

For what does a medical doctor work? Money.

For what does everyone work? Money.

Money is a universal object of exchange. You can exchange nearly everything for money. For most people money means nothing else than something which keeps you alive. For a minority of people money has a different meaning as it is a synonym for power, control and influence. When you belong to this minority then more money means more power and more power can never be enough power.

This minority longs for absolute power, for total control and it has no scruples to sacrifice everything which is necessary to gain this power in the quickest and most comprehensive way – power at all costs. Certainly not the minority pays these costs but the majority of people. The majority of people is asked to make the sacrifices, so that the majority can be controlled and influenced in the most efficient way according to the will of the minority.

So when money becomes a synonym for power and domination, then it is not good, not neutral, not life spending but it is nourishing desires, selfish desires, desires for the dark side of the human being, the destructive and self-destructive side.

We can witness and examine every day the consequences of this problem: Destruction and self-destruction, suffering, pain, terror, selfishness, dullness, evil propaganda, lies, fakes, death, slavery….

Nearly every aspect of society and life is corrupted, perverted by money, by the longing for selfish power.

Take a doctor. Do you think a doctor is able to focus only on the well-being of his patients? Do you think a doctor is independent?

Take the pharmaceutical industry. Do you really think that these companies focus only on the well-being of people?

Take the politicians. Do you think they really want to serve the interests and the well-being of the people who voted for them?

The list is nearly endless. Health or progress or benefits are only side effects for most professions but never the main focus, not even something useful or something to wish for. With good things you simply cannot make money and money is what it is all about. Money means power. And some of us cannot get enough of it. Some of us have no heart and no conscience. They lack of compassion but they have great egos and a great desire for power.

The consequences we all have to bear. We all have to pay a high price for this misuse.

Now imagine that mankind would follow the natural values of life. Imagine that society would follow wisdom as the crown of all values and virtues. Wisdom requests love and love comes along with compassion and compassion with care and all is reflected in wisdom and understanding.

Now imagine that a politician would have his main focus on wisdom and with this on love, understanding and compassion. Imagine that money would be still there but only in its original meaning as an object for exchange. Imagine that money would be only an unimportant side effect and not more. What do you think, how would such a politician behave like?

Now imagine that a doctor would give healing treatments with a main focus on the well-being of his patients, just because wisdom requests this. Imagine that a doctor would be driven by true compassion, understanding and care. What do you think? What would happen?

Now imagine that you would work, just because you know that you do the right thing, that your work makes sense, that your work is necessary for society, that it is wise to work for yourself and society. Imagine that money would be just something unimportant, a side effect of your professional activities. Imagine that you would work for a real sense instead for pure money. What would change for you? How would you feel?

Imagine all people worldwide would orientate themselves on the highest value, on wisdom and with this on love, compassion, understanding, on real sense for you, society and creation, on real care. What would happen?

Imagine we would install real values above the human selfishness and dullness. Imagine we would educate our children to follow these values. Imagine we all would follow real values.

With the implementation of binding values in the human society our world would turn into a real paradise for everyone and every being in shortest time.

Let wisdom and love rule and you will receive true happiness.

Let money become what it really is – just an object of exchange.

Heal money from being misused and perverted by a power-hungry minority of sociopaths.

Let us work together on the reinstallation of divine wisdom and divine love for the sake of everyone and every being.

Total power for wisdom and love!

True brotherhood for mankind!

And a paradise for all of us!


In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole

PS: Do you agree? Do you want to serve divine wisdom and divine love? Then join us at SURA – The International Theistic Federation!