A short comment on the new Pope

As always there is a surface, the outer appearance and there is something which is hidden, behind the surface. Secret things are in general more interesting. The same is true for the Catholic Church and the Popes and their relation to the world.

I just want to give a short comment on the election of the new Pope, – seen from a deeper point of view.

The special characteristic of the old Pope Benedikt was his brilliant intellect. He was a man of deep knowledge, of a deep understanding of the things which are going on in this world. He was a Catholic mastermind. I pay my respect to this brilliant thinker.

The special characteristic of the new Pope Franziskus is different. He is a man of heart, of compassion and humbleness. And this is something very special – a mighty leader with heart, compassion and humbleness – this is not normal in this world. I see this as a very positive sign for the Catholic Church. Love, compassion, humbleness are most powerful virtues which can cause great effects, which can cause deep healings and real growing. I pay my respect to this man of heart. May his love be a light in this world.

By the way, he belongs to the Jesuits who can be seen as the elite in the Catholic church with best education, training and initiation. So indeed the new Pope will know what he does.

My cordial congratulations to our Catholic brothers.