How to cope with the side effects of the spiritual training

Everyone who undergoes a real spiritual training has to face several side effects, good ones and really unpleasant ones, and the real effects of the training are often also not easy to manage respectively to integrate into everyday life.

So I want to talk a little bit about these things and simple strategies to cope with the problems.

In these materialistic-atheistic-nihilistic times every spiritual person has already a natural problem – just as we represent the opposite of this dark and dull attitude. This makes life already hard and a real challenge. It is like when angels have to live in hell or when you try to breathe under the earth. Already this problem can cause real depressions as the light of life is missing down here in these dark times. It can be very hard to survive all the low quality offers of society, school, etc., all these dull ideologies while real values are missing and a spiritual attitude is perceived as being somehow not normal or even insane. So the suffering can already start in the own family, in the kindergarten, the school and going on through the whole life if you are not able to find a place where you feel at home. Here is certainly the only strategy to find like-minded people and to go on distance to really dull-materialistic guys. And then it is necessary to understand why you are here and why most people live in darkness – it is just a matter of the time period we live in and things will change automatically in the future, someday, in a better age. And you are here to make experiences, to grow, to make progress, to balance your karma and to make new steps. There are good reasons why you experience exactly the circumstances of your life and no other ones. You can make research on this by using hypnosis to check your past incarnations, also to talk with your spiritual guide, etc. Then you discover the plan of your present incarnation, your lessons to learn and further answers to your questions. So the aim must be to survive the bad circumstances of the present age and to follow your individual higher sense of your incarnation.

Due to your spiritual character you have already made higher experiences of love, of unity, of devotion, of longing for God, for wisdom, for personal growth, maybe also for mastery in life, etc. These are all things which normal people cannot understand as they lack of these characteristics and abilities. And normally people fight what they cannot understand or they make you ridiculous. So what to do? No sharing of higher feelings and experiences with immature ones – according to the law of silence! This saves your life, your inner peace. Don´t throw pearls before the pigs. Hide your holy experiences in your inner sanctuary, your soul. Immature people are not open to learn about higher experiences as they are not able to understand. So share your higher feelings, thoughts, etc. only with like-minded people and then it is good and serves as inspiration.

In nearly all spiritual traditions you start with concentration exercises, also with the training of your imagination. They have effects on your senses and on the centers of your head, your brain. All exercises have activating, vitalizing effects where higher energies and greater amounts flow in the center, channels and organs. These stronger streams and higher activities can cause headaches and pains in the sense organs, pressure in the head, etc. Here the only strategy is to slow down the training, doing your exercises in smaller steps, so that your body and energy system will be adapted in good to survive steps. This will reduce headaches and other problems of too big streams of energy and too strong activations. By the way, if you exaggerate such exercises you can cause real damage to your energy system/body. So do everything in a good, natural way, – not too much and not too strong in too short time. This is also valid for exercises where you concentrate yourself on different chakras of the body (as they increase the flow of energy there).

Such exercises can also provoke all kinds of bad effects as signs of clearing and healing processes in the body, soul and mind. This means, when you activate the energy flow in certain centers or energy channels, then blockades can dissolve,- wasted, bad energies are solved and the body starts to clear and to heal itself. And such processes can cause all kinds of pains but also nightmares and unpleasant feelings. In fact these are very positive signs of healing but they are unpleasant. Here it is good to examine what happens where and what kind of thoughts, feelings and dreams are attached to these processes. Normally you can see directly that the dissolved energies were connected to old bad experiences in your past which caused bad emotional energies, etc. So the strategy here is just to survive these processes and to become aware of what has been in need for healing and if there is anything left. In general it is very good if you undergo deep healing treatments before starting your training. Hypnosis, past-life-therapy, psychotherapy, homeopathy, etc. are useful to prepare you for your training as all imbalances are indeed a blockade/problem on your path. The healthier you are on all three planes, the better it is to start your training.

So in fact health is a great topic. This includes a good-natural nourishment and also a good physical fitness and endurance training. Only then your body is able to cope with all higher energies and the great amounts of energy in your system. A weak, unhealthy body is really bad for spiritual training. So do gymnastics, fitness training, endurance training and then you will increase your level of physical performance and your ability to cope with great amounts of higher energies.

One day you start to breathe and to accumulate vital energy, later the four elements, the fluids and Akasha. According to the individual qualities of these energies you can experience problems. For example if you have too much vital energy over a too long time in your system then this can cause a high tension in your nerve system which makes you feel not good but nervous somehow. When you work with the elements then you can feel too active (fire), also at night, too high (air), too cold (water), too heavy (earth) and too much dissolved into nothingness (Akasha), etc. These effects are in parts normal and in parts also a sign of too much energy over a too long time in your body. And this means that you have to take care to release these energies early enough into the universe (and not into your room which can happen easily). If your room is also too much charged with energy then you have to let your room exhale the energy into the universe. Then you feel directly better and the tension is gone. Also do this breathing training in small steps so that your body has enough time to adapt itself to the increasing amounts of energy. So you will survive better.

Regarding the work with the four elements you will experience that in parts they show positive, useful effects for your life or certain situations, that they have positive influences on their corresponding regions and maybe bad influences on the contrary regions. For example if your chest is charged with too much earth element then you can have real trouble with breathing. So it is good to become completely aware of the analogies of the elements/energies and the body regions/organs and to intervene early enough to keep the balance/health. In general you can always release too much energy and you can balance one kind of energy with the contrary kind of energy, for example fire with water or air with earth, etc. You can also dissolve too much energy of one kind with the use of the air element. There are often several options and you will intuitively find the right one according to your situation. Also a cool shower can help to release too much energy or with an instant effect you can jump into a swimming pool or a lake. The water withdraws easily great amounts of energy.

When you are charged with higher energies, the five elements, etc. then your state of mind and soul changes which can show up in a different behavior or certain problems which can lead to a little bit “strange” behavior among other people. So maybe you appear as too high/happy (air) or really powerful (fire) or very emotional (water) or somehow spacy (Akasha), not really here or very grounded/serious (earth), etc. Here it is good to try to keep control over your “strange” behavior. The more we attract the attention of others the worse it can be for us. People love to judge “strange guys”, also to damn them or to worry about all kinds of bad causes for such a behavior. And these things we do not need at all. Also today you can be burnt easily at the stake!

And then we have the great diversity of higher perceptions on the higher planes of existence, also the phenomena of “out-of-body-experiences”, meeting souls and spiritual guides, etc. In fact we awake on the mental and astral plane and so we take part in the life of these realms. We experience ourselves as multidimensional beings and this is something which can be scary or mind-blowing. There can be two problems connected. One is that there is still imbalance or darkness in yourself which lets you perceive and encounter darkness or bad beings on the higher planes which can change life to a nightmare. The second problem can be that you lose yourself in the higher realms without any real connection to the material world. Such things can happen. It is not a must and especially not if you are a honest seeker and a true student of the path. In consequence it is very important to clear and heal yourself completely as soon as possible to break any resonance with bad, lower or evil beings, situations and perceptions. Develop a positive, centered state of mind and soul. Harmony, peace, balance, love, light and happiness are the best protection against darkness. And the second problem is just a matter of lacking control. We have to keep total control over our state of mind and our perceptions. We have to be able to shift our perception among the three planes at will. And certainly we have to keep our feet on the ground. We have to manage life in the material world in best way. There are many people who are not really here, not really incarnated but somewhere flying in different realms and they have big problems down here in the material world and this is not good. A positive form of control is a sign of mastery. And mastery is the overall aim.

And then, more or less as a last point, we have to deal with higher forms of consciousness, when we unite with divine virtues and the cosmic consciousness. When you are able to do this then you experience divine powers, divine virtues, divine consciousness in yourself. You are a god in a human body and maybe you go beyond this and lose completely any human qualities, being pure divine spirit. These are certainly the high aims of the spiritual development but these extraordinary states of mind and soul are so contrary to the human state that people cannot understand or cope with it. So if normal people meet you in such a state without hiding anything they would say in best case that you are strange or crazy and in worst case they call the psychiatrist. And both cases are not good at all. So especially in such situations where you experience enlightenment or wonderful forms of unity with God and divine virtues then you have to take care to act as normal as possible respectively to wait a while until you feel more normal again for a better interaction with others. The law of silence is your greatest protector.

Indeed it is more than sad that we spiritual seekers have to hide and protect ourselves from the dull-materialistic-atheistic people but darkness has become very powerful and ruling. So we have to save ourselves from evil actions. And we have to overcome all dark thoughts and emotions, the depressions which come along with the circumstances of life in the Dark Age. We have to cultivate the divine fire, the light in our souls, to grow and to find wisdom, love and freedom.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” So we have to flock together and bundle the light to make the darkness of this world vanish, to give support and inspiration to each other and to those who are in the process of awakening.

You can meet me and our fellows at SURA, the International Theistic Federation, to make the light grow in our world and to serve the divine ideals.