Working with the Akasha Chronicle

Everyone knows the term “Akasha Chronicle” and it is surrounded by mysteries and fascination. I guess that this term goes back to Mrs. Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society and later Steiner used it in his Anthroposophy. At first sight one might think that this is a big book where you can find all answers respectively all information you look for. This would be certainly nice but it is not the case. As the term Akasha shows, this “Chronicle” deals more with a special plane or sphere or state of energy which is beyond time and space and further on contains everything which ever happened or will happen. It is the divine sphere which is not accessible for normal humans. According to the law “As above so below!” all the information of this sphere are “three-dimensional” including all senses. So when you are able to connect to this sphere then you can experience certain situations similar to making experiences in the known world. On the other hand you can also make perceptions with single senses, especially with your visual sense or with auditory or you get direct information in your mind.

Now the question is how to access the “Akasha Chronicle”?

I think that there are two good ways. Let´s start with the first method:

You get into your meditative state. Imagine now that you are in the center of Akasha, a dark-violet, all-penetrating, all-connecting, all-knowing energy which is beyond time and space, a nothingness, void but in fact the primary spirit. So in fact there is nothing but your spirit in the center of the Akasha element and your spirit is completely penetrated by Akasha, you and Akasha are one and you take part in the qualities of Akasha. Meditate about this special state and try to really feel the Akasha surrounding and penetrating you. Now meditate about the special quality of Akasha, that it contains all knowledge, that it knows the past, the present and the future, that there are no limitations for knowledge and perception. Realize the feeling, the inner certainty that you have full access to all information you wish for. Now you can directly connect to the answer, the situation or object which you are looking for. In zero time you are connected just by intention and then you just have to stay open and receptive to get your answers, to get a message, a vision, to hear, smell or feel something or maybe in best case you experience yourself as a real witness in the situation you make research for. Just take care that you are perfectly clear like a mirror without influencing the results.

This technique is connected to the stillness of mind and also to the cosmic, divine consciousness. All spirits of the spheres take part in this higher consciousness and so they know everything about the past, the present and the future. Bardon put the stillness of mind exercise directly at the start of the training, so that the student receives divine inspiration and guidance from the beginning on.

The second technique is similar but here you imagine that you take part in the highest and finest sphere of light which has the qualities of Akasha – a world of light where everything is made of light, beyond time and space, where you can connect everyone and everything in zero time, where you can move through time and space just by your intention. You meditate about these things and you become aware that this light is penetrating you, that you take part in this nature, that the light feeds all your higher senses with corresponding sensations. You are indeed on the highest plane of the mental sphere and you can get your information in the same way as showed already above.

Here the focus lies in the comprehensive experience of things, of witnessing and taking part.

I suggest to begin with the first technique and to train it for good results. Start with things you can check if your answers were correct and then go on with more demanding questions. You will probably hear words, sentences, messages or you will have visions. Keep an open, grateful attitude and also connect yourself only to the divine spirit, Akasha for safety reasons. Eventually your spiritual guide or spiritual masters, etc. will also contact you but be careful and check such contacts. A spiritual guide should only contact you on your invitation if it is not a case of emergency, etc. With time you will develop the ability of direct knowledge where you just have to perceive a situation and you immediately receive information or answers without the need for intellectual analysis.

And do it all with a serious spiritual attitude and not for pure curiosity. And respect the law of silence. And at last – enjoy it! Practice makes perfect!