The neutral state of the spirit

Much has been said about the mind, especially in Buddhist teachings and in the Yoga teachings. I personally think that all these teachings could be put in a simpler, clearer way which is better to comprehend. This could have been done already long time ago but because of tradition no one did it or tried it. It is somehow similar with the term “God”. Over thousands of years people have been discussing definitions of “God”. When you use instead of “God” another term then God´s nature is probably easier to understand. For example in Germany we say that a human being has a spirit, a soul and a body. Originally we are spirits, from a spiritual nature. So and when we all are spirits in our highest nature, maybe little spirits then there is also a great spirit from all other, smaller spirits come from. God is nothing else then the “great spirit”, the father/mother of all little spirits which give life to creation.

Similar to this we can approach the enlightened state of mind, the neutral state, the cosmic consciousness, the state of Akasha.

I try to put some light on this for a better understanding and use.

Let´s start with the normal case. You are a normal human being and you identify yourself with your appearance and your nature. This is normal and good. But this is only the surface of your true nature.

Thanks to all the great spiritual masters who have walked the holy path before us, we know much more about the human spirit, mind.

So we know that the human spirit identifies himself with his thoughts and feelings. When thoughts and feelings are positive then everything is fine but as soon as they are negative then you suffer because of this identification. This is also true for your physical body. When your physical appearance is beautiful, your feel fine but when you look old or ugly then you suffer. And further on it is true for your situation. A good situation makes you feel good, a bad one makes you suffer.

Due to all this suffering Buddha said that we should regain our inner freedom, the neutral state, the independent state or the observer position as the Yogis say.

So in a first conclusion we can say that suffering origins from the identification with (bad) thoughts, emotions, physical appearance and situation. And this means that you can stop or limit your suffering by stopping the identification with these things. This means “I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions, I am not my physical body, I am not the situation BUT I am spirit, independent spirit.” So this first differentiation between your true or highest nature and secondary aspects or happenings is a useful step to reduce suffering and to make spiritual progress.

In a next step you become aware that you are not only independent from all these things but that you can change them at will, that you are a creator, that you have the power of imagination to create, to change your reality. This means by meditation you can dissolve unwished, bad thoughts, emotions, perceptions and you can replace them by their positive opposite. You can create peace and harmony in your mind and soul, you can see the beauty of an old body, etc. This ability has certainly great positive influences on yourself and on the situations in your life.

But this is not all. On the spiritual path you discover that your spirit is in his highest state somehow static, perfect in balance, neutral, silent, clear. This clarity lets your perceive yourself and creation as what it is, without any coloring, without any opinions, you perceive the absolute reality, you perceive the unity, the interdependence. You also become aware of the fact that your mind, your spirit is independent from time and space, that you can connect to any being, that you can assume any form, that you can be whatever you like to be. Indeed there are absolutely no limitations for your spirit.

You are the opposite of what you have believed that you are. You are not this limited human being, you are divine unlimited spirit, enlightened spirit, cosmic spirit.

Imagine there is a drop of water, entrapped by a small piece of chalk. So the drop of water identifies himself with the piece of chalk, is maybe happy but maybe also suffers. And one day the chalk is thrown into the ocean and then the drop of water becomes aware of his true nature, of the nature of the ocean, vast, without any limits.

For us this is a journey of self-discovery. Imagine that creation is like the diversity of colors on a sheet of paper, of a white background. All these colors are in permanent change, situations come and go and all the life takes place among the colors. But one day you ask yourself where you come from and you detect the white background and you understand that all colors, the whole creation, is originated from the while color. The white color is the background, the basis and source of all colors, of creation. So you start to integrate all colors in yourself and at last the white background, the source of life and then you feel complete.

The neutral state of consciousness is like the background of life, the origin of creation. It is pure spirit, the static state of spirit.

When you are able to enter this state then you can become the observer, you can withdraw yourself from bad happenings and with this from suffering. Then you can perceive life from the highest point of view and you know that there is nothing to fear, that everything is following the laws of nature that positive things happen as well as negative things happen. It is indeed a higher state of awareness. You feel centered in your original and highest nature, you are in the Akasha point, the center itself and life takes place around you while you can stay untouched if you like to. This means real freedom, total understanding, total enlightenment. Then you have realized the nature of Akasha in yourself and you have integrated and cultivated all five elements in yourself. Then you are complete and perfect, in total balance with yourself and creation.

From these ideas also the term “illusion” originated, with the original meaning that the identification of the spirit with a human body is an illusion (but not creation itself). So in best case we are aware that we possess a human body and that we express ourselves through it but that we are originally from a higher, unlimited nature. When you really know this by experience then you are enlightened according to the traditional definition. On the energetic level this means that your crown chakra has completely unfolded and that you take part in the divine nature.

I hope that these few words are useful for a better understanding. This should also explain the idea of one tradition that there is nothing to accomplish, that everything is already perfect, etc. So certainly Akasha or the primary spirit is already perfect but the student has to connect himself and to integrate this nature in his personality – the awakening of the cosmic spirit, of the crown chakra.

So a lot of teachings can be misunderstood and it needs a lot of effort or spirit to discover the true meaning. May the great spirit bless his true seekers to find the truth!