When opinions create reality

When you study different spiritual traditions and their higher teachings then you find also different explanations of “occult” phenomena which can lead to special practices, methods and techniques.

Creation is in a way designed that it is most flexible and intelligent in its function. This means that there is one absolute, divine “programing language” which supports a diversity of secondary, human “user interfaces”. It is the absolute reality which provides countless relative human perceptions, models and accesses of reality. So for example there exists only one absolute model of the human body, the secret anatomy but the different religions and traditions do not focus on this absolute model but use their own perceptions, opinions and ideas about the human body. So one Yoga system speaks for example of 7 chakras, another one of 9 while other systems have never seen or heard about energy centers but focus on energy knots, energy channels, etc. And somehow all these different ways of dealing with these things work out more or less because they are separate, single systems, closed and complete in themselves. Only when you try to compare these systems with each other you can have to face big problems as they are not always compatible.

The point is that certainly everyone can have his own opinions about reality but if you look for the truth then you have to become a clear, perfect mirror of the absolute reality, neglecting all relative filters of perception (which work like sun glasses). This means your spirit must become clear and perfect, neutral, without the tendency to color reality like you feel or wish to.

And as creation supports individual user interfaces, it is quite easy to create a new but relative, individual reality. And this is dangerous, unhealthy in fact as it is a half-truth or maybe a lie.

So for example in one spiritual tradition someone has discovered that there are three main channels in the human body, a center channel, a left one and a right one, all orientating on the spine. In the teachings they say that the middle channel belongs to the clear mind, the male red channel is active and positive while the left female white channel is passive and negative. Further on all bad emotions and thoughts are connected to the female channel while everything which is good is connected to the male channel. From these perceptions the practice is derived to sleep on the left side, so that the female channel is somehow blocked while the right channel can open more for positive dreams.

So this is nice. But looking at these teachings from a comprehensive background of knowledge and experiences we have to say that these opinions are quite limited and only dealing with half-truths. Further on, the practice which is derived from these half-truths has to be questioned too. A wrong assumption leads to a wrong practice. So certainly these channels exist but their meaning and function is much more comprehensive and cannot be limited to such opinions. You cannot connect all bad things to one channel and the idea to block it by the weight of your body is also not really working.

But it is an individual user interface and all these opinions connect energies and structures, so that the practice somehow works – this is the creative power of imagination and belief. But it is not the truth. And this is the trap.

Another example: Imagine you want to work with a chakra but you have located it in the wrong place. You do your energetic clearing and healing treatment with this chakra in the wrong place but it works. Why? Because of the flexible laws of the higher planes where time and space are not fix like on the material plane. Here the intention connects you directly to the chakra, bridging time and space. So you have made a positive experience and from now on you are sure that the chakra has to be in the (wrong) place. Your opinion formed a new reality, a half-truth-reality.

I guess that you now understand what I am pointing at. The great flexibility of creation, of the underlying intelligence is super useful but it also provides great traps which lead to misunderstandings, half-truths and then also to not useful practice and maybe also bad traditions. And such teachings are kept over hundreds or also thousand years, passed on from one generation to the next one without questioning the content or truth. And this is not good and not healthy.

Fortunately Bardon provides a very clear and scientific approach to question all traditional teachings.

By the way – what we call superstition including all these super strange recipes of old “wizards” have their roots in this process of conditioning.

When you see a black cat crossing your way and soon after this you have an accident and you connect both happenings then a new reality is born “Black cats crossing your path bring accidents for you!”

I can only say, be completely aware of what you think, what you believe and what you perceive as reality, as truth. Don´t get entrapped!

Use the intelligence and flexibility of creation only in a positive way.