Healing through divine unity

Healing is one of the most complex and most important topics. Today I want to give some hints how you can achieve healing through uniting with the divine spirit.

There are many different forms of unity with God, the divine spirit and its divine virtues, powers and abilities. A basic and important unity consists of connecting to God with the mind – enlightenment and cosmic consciousness – and with the heart respectively with the soul through real devotion and deepest love – divine love and unity.

Enlightenment means that the divine spirit enters the microcosm through the crown chakra and floods the seeker with powerful energies. The activation of the heart chakra, of the divine love, supports this process – love and light together, flooding the whole energy system of the mystic. Both energy forms have great healing effects on the mental body, the soul and at last also on the physical body. Blockades and wasted, bad energies are dissolved, centers are activated and balanced, energy channels are cleared and the natural flow of energy is restored. Self-healing processes are nourished by these fresh vital energies and the intelligence of the body is increased and strengthened.

The main point here is that healing is normally a side effect of uniting with the divine spirit in love and light. So indeed you are longing for enlightenment in your meditation and not really for healing. If you long for healing then the whole meditation has to be adapted to this different purpose. This means that you have to increase the time of enlightening your mind and soul and with this the flooding of your energy system with the high spiritual energies. Additionally you have to guide the energies consciously into all parts/organs of your body, especially into the imbalances/ill parts and you have to imagine how the energies moves through your whole body, causing healing, clearing blockades, etc. so you show your intention. You do this all with your imagination and your intention and you can support these processes with a grateful attitude, completely believing in the processes of healing – like you do with prayers. “I am grateful and happy for receiving complete healing in love and light!” And certainly it makes sense to keep an extra concentration on the crown chakra and on the heart chakra to provide a high activity of these gates of divine energies, so that your body is continuously flooded by love and light energies. Keep this meditation for around half an hour and repeat it as often as needed for total health and recovery. This technique causes healing and further on it gives protection against evil influences and bad energies, also against energetic parasites. Also the room which you use is blessed by this meditation.

This is a “simple” technique which can be trained by everyone but certainly with care and without any exaggeration. The body can have problems to bear the high frequency energies, so it needs to adapt slowly in steps to the powerful energies. Then you also have to calculate that the bad energies with bad experiences, – their causes, can come up into the mind to leave forever. This is normal and unpleasant. Just be brave and take these effects of healing and clearing – you will survive for sure.

An advanced technique for Quabbalists is the use of the formula E-Y. E represents cosmic consciousness and Y represents the divine love on the level of Akasha. So the formula activates crown chakra and heart chakra and you can accomplish a deep unity with God. E and Ü cause very high frequency energies corresponding with Akasha and regarding E also with the electric fluid of the spirit. Akasha has the power to bridge blockades and to dissolve them, also to cause harmony, health. The electric fluid of the spirit has great activating effects and comes along with higher intelligence. So the formula is very useful for healing and also for protection.

The point here is again that this formula is normally used for unity with God and not directly for healing. So when you use it for healing then you should charge your whole body with this formula several times and additionally the ill organ, body part, etc. This can/should be done daily until a deep healing has been accomplished. Healing needs always time and takes place in steps. You will experience that old energies are loosened and come up in the mind. This is normal, a part of the clearing process and a good sign. You can see how many bad experiences, hurts, damages, etc. are still in yourself. These things can also come up in your dreams. It is all good but often unpleasant.

Additionally to the charging with this formula you can charge water with it for drinking and you can meditate that these energies cause clearing and healing in your mind, soul and physical body.

I may add that this formula has great spiritualization effects, – lifting your frequency up. This can be hard to bear but healing needs time and you have to stand it for this purpose. Your microcosm will adapt to these high frequencies and powers by time.

A further advantage of this formula is indeed also its protective power. So it is hard for evil to attack you successfully respectively you are perceived in your divine authority which has an deterrent effect.

At last – it is useful to become aware of such things even if you might be not able to apply them directly. On the path we all have to become very flexible in thinking, finding solutions and we have to make a lot of experiments to increase our understanding of the laws of creation and how we can apply the diversity of energies.