When lies become truths

One interesting phenomenon is the establishment of lies as generally accepted truths. This is really fascinating. It works nearly always in the same way. At the start a “fact” is presented to the public. This fact is new and so it will be discussed and questioned, also maybe understood as a lie. Then the provider of this “fact” takes measures to make people believe in his fact and to fight those who question or deny his story. So in the first phase the new idea/fact/story appears on the conscious level and the intellect tries to digest it. When this phase is closed then the lie is wandering down into the subconsciousness where it nests for “eternity” respectively as long as someone uses his intellect to question it.

So the lie or artificial fact is now living on the subconscious level. Now the next steps starts, – the feeding of the lie by repetition, by rituals, by remembering and adding emotions. In this way the lie is kept alive for “eternity”. It is settled and it is passed on from one generation to the next, – for “eternity”.

We can find countless examples of converting lies into truths, people believing in them and protecting them. Religions love to use such things and dictators.

The dictator example:

To get into control, dictators have often to kill a lot of people, to behave in an absolutely psychopathic way, etc. So dictators are often not nice and not good at all but they want to create such an image for the people. After killing masses of people and getting into control over a country, they start to proclaim how altruistic, caring, loving and kind they are. Everywhere you can see smiling portraits of them. Everywhere you can read about the wisdom and their great characteristics. On TV you can see how much people love them, etc. This brainwashing is very intensive in the start and then it is maintained over decades and generations and one day everyone believes in this image of the dictator as savior, as a wonderful person, as someone who brings happiness and peace for everyone.

The religion example:

Imagine you meet someone who starts a new religious movement. He tells you about his experiences and insights and maybe you listen to his teachings. And maybe you say “Look, all what you say is nice but we have heard it already from religion XY. Why should we follow you?” So the founder of the new movement is not happy with this. And maybe he starts to narrate great stories about meeting angels, fighting with demons, fighting against temptations, surviving hard trials, etc. These stories can be true, maybe a few are true but probably not all but they are a big help to become famous and to realize his new religion. At first people question his stories with their intellect but later they believe and repeat the great stories of their master. And everyone who questions them is seen as a disbeliever, someone who is possessed by demons or the devil, someone who is insane. And so everything will be maintained and nothing changes.

And this is not only true for nice stories but also for unhealthy religious traditions and rituals.

But if God wants it this way, (dull) believers have to follow.

The image of the shepherd and his herd of sheep contains immense truth. Have you ever questioned this image? In fact the shepherd is of a different nature then his sheep and the shepherd uses his sheep and the shepherd slaughters his sheep in the end. A correct spiritual image looks quite the contrary. For example it would fit when a priest compares himself with the oldest and wisest leader elephant in an elephant family, caring for his family, knowing where to find water and food, protecting his family and guiding all members through the jungle. You see the differences?

In fact today, regarding some religious leaders, another image would fit even more – the image of a fat ugly selfish parasite, sitting on a throne based on suffering and dull followers.

In conclusion it makes a lot of sense to question old traditions, old rituals, old stories, everything which is so normal and integrated into your life that you do not use your intellect anymore but just repeat it automatically. I point here especially at religious and cultural traditions but also on political ideas, etc.

Save yourself from lies and unhealthy rituals. Things are not good and right just because your father did it and his father, etc. Choose for yourself what is really right, good, healthy and useful.