Good is not always good

We can observe a phenomenon where good intentions convert into not good behavior and wrong results, sometimes also into evil. It is very useful to become aware of this phenomenon to control and to prevent yourself from doing such things and to protect yourself from half-truths, lies and bad things of others.

This phenomenon happens especially when someone is really eager and emotional, and it comes along with exaggeration, half-truths, lies, presenting false facts and appealing on the emotions of others. The emotional state blocks in general the intellect and the questioning of what is presented.

We know this behavior especially from politicians who try to convince people from their plans at all costs. “Countless people and animals are dying every day on the high ways! You cannot allow this killing to go on! We have to forbid cars in general and prefer to go by foot!”

So in fact we have a good intention – saving the lives of people and animals. We have exaggeration – countless people and animals – without any real numbers and no comparison with other situations where they die. And we have the emotional appealing – stop the killing – and at last the nonsense – forbid cars, go by foot. Here it is obvious that the presented solution is nonsense and that the intellect is missing but there are a lot of cases where all these things are quite subtle so that people think that they think, feel and behave in the right way although it is nonsense and manipulation.

Think of many charity events on TV, for example. Once per year, short before Christmas, people are reminded of the suffering in the world to make them donate. After the charity event people can forget about these problems immediately and go on with their normal life. During the TV show celebrities get on stage, appeal with ugly pictures of suffering people at the emotions of the audience and then the hypnotic slogan is repeated “Donate and stop suffering in Africa” or wherever. Wonderful! Little children donate 5 Dollars, grownups spend certainly more and then the suffering and hunger is stopped, right?!

In fact this works nearly exactly the same way when a parasite convinces his host to give him more blood or energy. But no one questions the whole event and no one really asks where the donations go.

And when you ask yourself – do you donate for such events and have you ever questioned them or do you already justify yourself for taking part as it is all good?

Charity shows on TV are psychologically worked out in a perfect way to reach their aims. And everyone is thankful to be able to give his money. But indeed this is something common today and nothing special at all.

I want to point at a more dangerous aspect. In all fields of human life we have people who are vanguards, fighting for the right thing, for progress, obviously for the good side and often they are doing a lot of good indeed. So they have a perfect image in public, the fighter against the evil ones in politics, economics, in society, etc. And every one believes that they are 100% honest, the best ones, people you can trust to 150%.

But also these vanguards are human beings and not perfect and not always dedicated to absolute truth and so it can happen that they publish half-truths, lies, wrong facts, that they appeal at emotions instead at the intellect, etc. often on an unconscious level but sometimes being also completely aware of what they are doing. And often they also depend on making money, as we all depend on money to survive.

So the point is to really question everything, also what the good guys present, to get not entrapped in something unhealthy or in a lie.

I have checked in parts a few things of good guys and I must say that it is not good at all when they show this unhealthy behavior as it is just fraud.

On the other hand, when you have increased your awareness and your psychological knowledge then you can detect illogical things and bad behavior everywhere to protect yourself. So educate yourself. Knowledge is really healthy.