The humiliation of a master, a sign of typical human behavior

Human beings are probably the most fascinating species of the whole creation, certainly not for any positive characteristics but especially for all their limitations, their bad behavior and their amazing dullness. One well-known victim of human poorness is the master who is called today Jesus. The special “joke” here is that he became the victim of his own followers, not of any opposite group. Another “joke” is that Buddhists, Yogis and Quabbalists have a better and deeper understanding about Jesus than his own followers. As it is often the case in life, things have a funny part, a sad part and somehow they are often just amazing, astonishing.

As I pay great respect to Jesus, I want to clear some points which shall let him appear in a different light, so that maybe at least a few of his followers understand him better and also worship him in a healthier way.

The nature of Jesus can be really comprehended unfortunately only by real, practical Quabbalists, the initiates of the language of creation, the power of the word. Equivalents to this initiation can be found also in Buddhism, Hinduism and other old spiritual teachings. But we keep here the term Quabbalist. A real Quabbalist is someone who has received the highest possible initiation into all mysteries of God, mankind and creation. A Quabbalist has refined his human nature to macrocosmic degrees, to a perfectly unfolded divine nature. There is no higher initiation and no higher refinement than to become a true Quabbalist. Only then the microcosm is in perfect balance with the macrocosm, in fact the microcosm is then a perfect image of the macrocosm.

So when you examine Jesus in his behavior as a child and later as a man you can perceive his superior, divine nature, the nature of a real Quabbalist and with this a real son of God. All Quabbalists are real sons/daughters of God just because they are perfect images of God, they are divine spirits of the divine spirit. And certainly, although you are a divine spirit, you have a physical body when you are incarnated on earth and you have according needs like eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. It is an aspect of your perfection, that you take part in the divine, macrocosmic nature while you also take part in the human, limited nature.

So, Jesus was a true Quabbalist in the original and best meaning and with this one of the highest initiates, a true son of God in the original meaning, a king among the humans and because of his macrocosmic powers he was able to perform what is called “wonders”.

In his day it was no problem to live and to act in permanent god awareness where you experience yourself as a divine being with divine powers and divine authority. And so Jesus often or always acted like. He told others about wrong and right and showed them his will. This certainly caused a lot of trouble and problems as the normal people and also the bad priests felt offended by him which led in the end to the condemnation and his “death” at the cross.

So far so good. And now we come to a nice Jewish ritual of former days. The people had a special tradition where a goat – the scapegoat – was chosen, once per year, I guess. During a ceremony all sins, sorrows, all bad thoughts and emotions were projected by the people onto this goat and then the priest routed the scapegoat out of the village. With this act, the people were liberated of all evil to live on in peace and harmony. Psychologically seen, this ritual works fine. Ethically seen, this ritual should be questioned.

Now some ignorant followers of Jesus came to the conclusion that Jesus was the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb and that the divine father himself has sacrificed his “only” son for the sins of all the people on-site or today for all people worldwide. This idea is more than amazing and a wonderful example of the ugly nature of human beings.

Normally you would have the idea to punish some kind of devil or demon or bad human for sins or bad events but no one actually would come to the idea to sacrifice or punish a son of God, a most positive, refined soul for something bad. This “logic” reminds me on the satanic cults of former times where innocent women and children were sacrificed to evil, demonic “gods”. It is indeed somehow really perverse.

Imagine that you did a lot of crime, that you are an evil guy with really ugly behavior and once you are standing in front of a judge. The judge needs a lot of time to read out all your sins. And when he has finished and asks you for a statement, you say “Look Judge, I know that I am a criminal, a bastard but why should you condemn me? Better take this pure, innocent, kindhearted and religious man called Jesus! Torture him for what I have done! It is his privilege to die in pain for me and all other sinners. He is our scapegoat! And certainly we will remember him as a good one.” A great idea, isn´t it? To punish someone else for your own sins! When you are very very kind then you can say that this behavior was an “infantile coping strategy” like it is called in psychology when someone shows a childish behavior to cope with a problem “No Mum, it was not me, punish my (innocent) brother!”

Meanwhile two thousand years have passed and the followers of Jesus are still not aware of which perverse idea they are celebrating. And even if it was true that Jesus took away all sins with his sacrifice then ask yourself which difference this has made? In fact nothing has happened, nothing positive at all. The people on-site had not experienced a golden age after his death at the cross and in the modern interpretation that Jesus died for the whole mankind I cannot sense any positive change at all and no golden age for the world. It is simply complete and ugly nonsense and typical human, infantile wishful thinking.

Another unhealthy point is the worshipping of Jesus, tortured and dead at the cross. Do you know any religion or any cult where a dead body is worshipped? Besides evil or demonic cults?

In fact at the beginning of the Christian movement his followers used images of Jesus in a preaching, powerful and glorious posture, with blessing hands and a halo. But somewhere in the middle age the plague broke out and suffering and death were the only topics in the mind of the people. So the church decided to adapt their images of Jesus as someone who is suffering too – “Jesus suffered and so we do!” and today we still have these dead body images everywhere.  When I think of the powerful images of Jesus at the cathedrals of the Templars in France in comparison to the dead body cross images which are everywhere today – I can only shake my head. It is not positive to worship a tortured dead body.

In conclusion I can only recommend to reinstall the positive, powerful image of Jesus in the minds of the followers and in the churches, a Jesus who came a divine spirit to teach people the right way of life. This great spirit does not deserve this perverse image of him which was created by ignorance.

Maybe the young religions are able to learn from the older ones to reanimate their spirituality, their spiritual knowledge and their understanding of their own teachings. We need a lot of refreshing vitality in all religious movements, a lot of healing and enlightenment. May the day come soon where this is going to happen for the sake of mankind and creation.