The selfish misuse of religious teachings

This is a topic which I find fascinating to observe as religious teachings can be interpreted and used in the right, positive way or in a selfish way, adapted to the individual needs and wishes. So it happens that the same teachings are interpreted by people in a contrary way, for good or evil purposes. Thus normal people can get the impression that one and the same religion is divine or that it is absolutely evil, – just depending on the character of the person who makes the interpretation and proclaims his belief.

The selfish misuse of personal purpose-orientated interpretations of religious teachings can be found everywhere and in all times and this behavior perverted often formerly positive teachings into evil teachings.

The same problem we have to face everywhere and for all topics. Human beings always tend to interpret something according to their own attitude, character and according to their own aims, own profits, preferences, aversions, etc. So although we pretend that we are objective, just asking for logic, rational arguments, the truth and the best solution, it is often only a form of self-deception. In fact most people are not at all interested in truth or reality, – they are only interested in their own, personal truth, their own belief about truth. This is typical for human beings but in the end everyone has to pay for missing the truth. All wishful thinking, all illusions and opinions are mortal in contrary to the immortal truth and always the day comes where all illusions collapse and only truth remains and this can be a hard awakening for all those who have ignored reality at all costs.

In conclusion the human being perceives the world, reality, truth through his own, personal filter of perception, so that only a personal belief or opinion of reality remains. This filter of perception is the human character. The more refined and balanced the character is, the better you can perceive the truth. When your window or your glasses are dirty, then you are not able to see the world as it is. And on the other hand, when you have a clear perception of the world, then you can make the right decisions, you can behave in the right way, you can do what is right and necessary. And you do not become a victim of your own delusions.

Therefore all spiritual traditions ask the aspirant to refine himself and to make his mind still and clear like the calm surface of a lake, so that you can look to the bottom (the divine source) or to see the surrounding nature (the world) perfectly mirrored. Only when your mind and soul are perfectly clear and still then you can perceive reality as it is, the truth and also God. And only then you are able to understand religious teachings in their positive way as they originally were meant (in best case). Only then you will be able to make always the right decisions as your understanding is total and immaculate.

I can only recommend observing how people interpret and misinterpret religious teachings, sayings and also profane events. It is very instructive. Always ask for the intentions behind the interpretations.

And if you long for the truth, then become a perfect mirror for it.

Last but not least – we do not suffer because of religions and also not because of bad religions, we suffer only from selfish, bad people who misuse and pervert things for their own benefit. And in fact we suffer because there are not enough good souls who defend the positive principle against the evil ones. We need more light and more justice.