The position and responsibility of an initiate

“The magician is free to use ALL forces known to him – the decisive thing is the MOTIVE which drives him…” – Franz Bardon

We can find several nice sayings in the spiritual literature which are understood in the right way by initiates, which can be misinterpreted by students and which are usually misused by selfish, dualistic or dark ones. The above saying of Bardon  belongs to them and probably it is useful put some light on this saying. It is important to understand where the path leads to.

A true magician refines himself to the highest human degrees and then to divine degrees. Refinement means inter alia to get rid of all bad characteristics, to replace them by absolute positive qualities and to establish total balance in your nature. In fact you are a being of beauty then, like a perfect flower or a brilliant. Spiritual development, refinement means also to unfold divine love, compassion, responsibility in your behavior, wisdom, etc. With this, your refined nature cannot allow to act in anyway evil as evil people are not refined at all and lack of good qualities, of wisdom and compassion and certainly of enlightenment.

In conclusion a real magician cannot be bad in any way. He can only pretend or simulate to be “bad” if the situation should require it for a useful purpose.

The next point is that a real magician is always dedicated to wisdom as wisdom is the crown. From wisdom everything is derived. This means wisdom rules and wisdom says how to show love and compassion as love is the law and only in the third place power appears to realize what wisdom and love command. There is simply no other way.

Now we come to the saying of Bardon:

“The magician is free to use ALL forces known to him – the decisive thing is the MOTIVE which drives him…” – Franz Bardon

This is certainly true in the context of what I have said above and what I add here: Creation is based on the principle of polarity which includes also duality. In its highest aspect duality means that the divine spirit has created spirits with positive functions and spirits with negative functions, both on the highest mental plane, what we call spheres. On this plane everything is so fine and pure and beyond human terms that we cannot really speak of good and bad but more or better of constructive and destructive principles, functions. And all spirits of these functions are absolutely dedicated to the divine spirit. God is the absolute sovereign. Only on the lower planes of existence bad or evil beings exist but they are also a natural part of creation, of nature like the various kinds of animals. And really good or bad behave only human beings on earth. So for example you probably won´t call a  predator or a parasite “evil” but there are enough people who can be called evil.

In conclusion the negative principle in creation has a clear sense.

The magician is now a real divine authority and a representative of God and so all beings have to support or serve him when he acts in the name of God, for higher missions. This means, the positive-constructive principle serves him and also the negative-destructive principle can serve him if necessary. And here Bardon´s saying fits “For the pure everything is pure.” which points at the two principles on the high mental plane. On this plane purity rules.

So in fact, in your divine consciousness perceiving these two fundamental principles you experience them as absolutely pure without any condemnation. You perceive them in a higher neutral way, similar as you observe processes in nature.

In conclusion, you are a representative of the divine spirit and you rule over these two principles which have to serve you as they serve the divine majesty and creation.

In the next step we have to look at a concrete situation. As you are a real magician you always act according to your divine wisdom, your total understanding, your love and compassion and you use your power to realize what you perceive as right and useful. Now you have to face a certain situation. You analyze it, you understand it and you know what are the best measures to act in a wise way. Let´s imagine that there is someone who is evil, hurting other people. Because of your wisdom you do not condemn him, so you stay neutral. Now you can think about a positive intervention or a negative one. Maybe you can increase his compassion and his conscience, so that he understands that he is doing something wrong. Or maybe it makes more sense to give him a hard lesson, a kind of shock, as nothing else could help. So for the sake of personal growth, you can intervene in a “bad” way, for a higher and positive purpose. It is all about learning a lesson and balancing an imbalance. It is not a real punishment and it is not driven by bad emotions. You, the mature magician, you stay neutral, all-understanding, in your wisdom and compassion. And in such a situation you certainly can use all your powers which are necessary to serve the higher sense.

I have to add here that you as the skilled magician will see all the karma of the past and of the future of the concerned person, so that you will probably feel real compassion with the evil guy as he has a lot to balance in the future and to learn hard lessons for his personal development. Evil guys are not at all in an enviable position. When you think of Frabato and the situation where Bardon showed an evil guy his fate and the evil doing of his lodge, then you see that Bardon tried to rescue him but without success.

So, in fact, real magicians are always good ones with a golden heart and servants of wisdom and love. And only in rare cases where nothing else helps than the use of negative forces, then they are used but always for a higher, positive sense. And at last, the purpose of protection justifies the use of destructive measures too. There is no sense in becoming a victim of lower forces or evil beings.

Wisdom is the crown, love is the law and power is used to serve the crown and the law.


PS: There are many people who like to misunderstand such things to justify their own selfish and evil behavior and so they get lost in the abyss. Evil behavior is not a choice for a real initiate and magician. Evil behavior is the sign of immature souls.