A hint for the quabbalistic training

When you start to study the quabbalistic teachings of Bardon, then you have a small theoretical part as usual and the real practice begins with the so-called mystical training, the most perfect refinement of the human nature to divine, macrocosmic degrees. Only then you are able to work with the cosmic language. The mystical training deals with the right performance of the single aspects of each letter first in a separate manner and at last all together at once. This four-pole speaking of letters plus the concentration on the space, body or organ can be a little bit challenging and so students keep for months and years the separate, one-dimensional performance or try to evoke the energies in steps which does not really work out. (There is a good reason why a letter has to be spoken four-pole.) So all appears somehow difficult, especially the attribution of the diversity of qualities can be hard when the necessary energy is not produced. It seems to be difficult to get the right access to the single letters.

But there is a possibility which is probably unknown, undiscovered by most students. In fact all letters and all letters as formulas, in combination exist and are a part of creation. And so it is possible to connect to the letters, to feel them, to meditate with them and certainly also to charge yourself with them. For an advanced and good student this should be no problem.

So in fact you can deal with every letter like you know it from the training with the elements. Imagine that you are in the center of a single letter and do breathing exercises, charge yourself and meditate with the letter to integrate it into your nature. Then all other things will become easier.

But show great respect to the single letters and be really careful as they are divine and many of them are very powerful, hard to bear.

And certainly this method does not replace the normal training which is taught by Bardon. It is just a supportive, useful technique.