A few suggestions for the quabbalistic training

The quabbalistic training in Bardon´s third book is already demanding for German speaking students but for all others it is even more difficult. I can only suggest to get all necessary information how letters are spoken in German and then to meditate a lot how Bardon originally has meant to speak or to perform them. Then I have discovered that the colors are often not correctly translated respectively for the original German term of the color there exist many different terms of colors in English. As Bardon is very strict with the right use of the color I can only suggest to check each single color by translating the German term by yourself.

In general I suggest to discuss such details with students, fellows from Germany to understand the teachings in the right way.

Regarding the training – I know fellows who take years to study the letters in an intellectual way or in one single aspect. I cannot recommend this attitude as it is from my point of view a sign of fear. And indeed, the use of Quabbalah requires the pillar of daring to very high degrees. The whole training deals with macrocosmic powers, – greater, stronger powers do simply not exist in the universe and the student has to bear them, to manage them which can be really hard in some cases. Additionally these powers have a great transforming effect and you will be not the same as you were when you have started the training. It is in fact a one way ticket without any chance to return. So indeed you make decisions during the training which have consequences for eternity, everlasting consequences. This all is most serious.

On the other hand, when you make your decision and survive the training, then all divine mysteries reveal themselves to you and the greatest ecstasies are available for you. You gain perfection on the macrocosmic level. You become a god among other gods. A true son of the Eternal Light, a true and most perfect temple of God.

I don´t want to say much but only a few useful things: Do your mystical exercises to the maximum, – the charging with the divine, macrocosmic powers, as much as you can bear. Also check what you need for creating the balance on this highest level, like you did with the magical equilibrium. When you have accomplished the mystical training then go on through all combined formulas, – become able to use them and make experiments, – use them for yourself to experience how they work, the metaphysical aspects. Later follow the hints of Bardon regarding the next Tarot Card, respectively the use of the formulas corresponding with the divine beings of the spheres. Check also old names of gods and goddesses of old Egypt and Jewish terms, as you can find here often quabbalistic formulas. And if you like, then check the Indian Tantras, names, terms, also Buddhist terms regarding the elements, etc. as they are in fact familiar with “our” Quabbalah.

And at last a very important point: Use the letter C for the Eucharist with all other letters to integrate them completely into your nature. In fact the mystical training is very good and serves in many ways but only when you do the Eucharist with the letter C and all other letters then you really integrate them to 100%.

And for those who think that one use of a letter blesses you with all corresponding powers and abilities – I have to disappoint you. But the energy of the letters is the perfect energy for the training of the described powers and abilities. So as usual you need training for everything you want to gain and unfold.

So far so good.

Really blessed are those who are allowed to undergo this training.