Technique for praying

Just a few words about useful forms of praying. Basically we have the traditional prayers with a clear content and a clear form of application and intention or purpose. In most cases people use these prayers in a mechanical, automatic way – pure repetition without heart and spirit. Nevertheless these prayers have a certain kind of effect as they are connected to energetic batteries which have been charged over long times by repetition from countless people. When you consciously use these prayers according to their content and purpose, praying with mind and soul, then the effects are much stronger. Further on, in the old religions, prayers have been connected to gods and angels, also to spiritual masters, etc. In these cases a prayer works like a phone call to the expert, asking for help or support.

So far and so much about the basics. Today there are a lot of people who do not feel directly connected to a certain religion or spiritual tradition and so the prayers are more free in their content, purpose and application. And so everyone prays like it feels right for him and according to his wishes and needs. And this is okay and good.

I just want to share a little bit of my research and experiences to give some suggestions for your own practice.

There are a few points which should be thought about.

First point: The attitude of a mystic is quite useful. This means, imagine and feel yourself as a beloved child of God, pure, innocent, good and in unity with the whole creation, with a very good connection to the spiritual realms, the spiritual hierarchy of gods, goddesses, angels, spiritual masters, brothers and sisters, all good beings of the light, etc. The more you can experience yourself as a beloved child of God in unity of love and light with creation, the better are the results. You are a being of love and light in a universe of love and light, connect with creation in love and light.

Second point: Additionally to the right attitude you should be totally aware that the spiritual hierarchy and the whole creation is present and listening while you speak your prayer. It is the Akasha principle at work. If you like you could imagine to be on a stage and the audience consists of all spiritual beings of creation.

Third point: When you speak your prayer do it always with full awareness and with love, from your heart.

Fourth point: Pray as this beloved child of God, keep this attitude and put your prayer like it has been already realized and indeed the only thing is to show your gratefulness for the realization and saying it in form of the prayer – content + feeling. Therefore it is important to get a clear vision of your wish and put this into words. For example “Dear spiritual hierarchy/angels/God/creation I am so grateful for a safe, happy and successful journey. I thank you for your care, for your inspiration and divine guidance, for your protection, etc. I am always open and receptive for your blessings and support! Thank you so much!”

So in fact a few aspects are nearly always useful for all kinds of wishes: It should take place/realize in a happy, positive, successful, blessed, protected, guided, supported way. And you are always grateful, receptive and open for all blessings, support, guidance and protection.

Fifth point: You must really feel your happiness and gratefulness. And you must really know that it realizes – faith, inner knowledge. These feelings are very important for the realization.

Sixth point: Certainly you can ask for everything, for all your needs and wishes. And in fact you should ask as this eases your life and makes everything smoother, better, blessed. But certainly your requests should be positive and not selfish in a negative way. Always consider all concerned people which are touched by your wish. Make it positive for everyone. Care about society and creation, this means do not see yourself isolated. You are a part of a greater unity. Also do not forget that your wishes should be feasible, seen from a higher point of view.

Seventh point: It is nice to ask for your needs and wishes but also think about something important: Ask for the enlightenment of your mind and soul. This has great and positive effects on you and on your life. It means an “upgrade” of your intelligence, your understanding, your power, your inner balance, etc. With this upgrade life becomes easier and better and also your wishes realize easier and better.

Eighth point: In life a lot of things happen which are more than a challenge, feeling like a punishment, like torture. Behind this unpleasant or evil circumstances of life there hides a lesson which wants to be learned. So here is the only right access to ask for support to learn the lesson as good and as fast as possible. Proclaim that you are willing to learn, that you are open to learn, that you are willing to change yourself, your attitude, your behavior, your life for the better. Also ask for blessings and the necessary energy to master your challenge. If things are too hard, then you can also ask to decrease the degree of “punishment”, so that you can bear it better. But all in all ask for clearing and healing for you and the situation and all concerned people. Ask for the healing of your bad karma and for help to balance it in the right way. And if there are evil guys then pray for them, for enlightenment, for healing, for blessings, etc. Wish them the best, – from the spiritual point of view. This will ease the whole situation.

Recently I have made experiments with praying for enlightenment for people and as far as I was able to check the results, I can say that in parts “wonders” happened. One participant started to become active, communicative, opening up, friendlier, more alive while he is normally quite passive, quiet and closed. Another one who was blocked by all kinds of fears and worries, is now in the flow of positive feelings and thoughts, and everything is developing in her life now in a very happy way.

So in conclusion just by praying for enlightenment, you get people back to life, happiness, to success and many other positive things. Enlightenment means to supply spiritual energies – spirit energies. It is the strengthening of the inner spirit and this is what most people need really bad. We have a great lack of spiritual energies down on earth.

I hope these were some useful hints for your own practice.