The dynamic of the polarity of good and evil

This is a very interesting topic and one could make fascinating research on it. But today only quite short about some basic points.

In fact this topic deals with pure physics or metaphysics and with this, it is based on certain laws. The aspect of physics is quite simple but how it expresses itself in the world is really complex. So I try to make it as simple as possible to provide a good understanding of the process, the main points.

When you examine a unit in creation, then you can see the polarity at work. The unit consists of two main poles which interact permanently and which are interdependent. If one pole is off, the other pole will break down the same. In fact in the polarity of fire and water or yin and yang both coexist always.

Then we have two different states of this polarity – the static state, where both are in the same quantity and quality – static balance, and the dynamic state with a dynamic process of balancing, where the dominance of one pole is alternating by time. This dominance – a higher degree of energy, quantity is fed by the opposite pole. So one pole gets stronger while the opposite pole gets weaker and then this process changes. This is similar with a pendulum – it moves to one extreme and then back to the opposite one.

What we perceive as “good and evil” in the world follows in a similar way this principle of the dynamic balancing of the two poles of polarity. I try to put it very simple, simplified:

Imagine that we examine a group of people, the unit with the two poles of polarity, “good ones and bad ones”. The good ones are in the majority. They do everything which is “good”, they do their work, they support society, they care about each other, they care about the maintenance of life in all aspects. And therefore everything works fine. But among these good ones there are a few bad ones, we can say people with a disorder. They do not care about being social, indeed they are dissocial, selfish and they take what they want, living on the costs of the others.

Society can cope with a few of these bad ones. Maybe they get into prison or they are tolerated. But this works only as long as the positive principle for the good ones is active.

Here we come to the secondary polarity, the constructive, positive principle and the destructive, negative principle. So in fact the good ones have these secondary poles and the bad ones too.

Now imagine that the positive principle for the good ones is decreasing and the destructive, negative principle shows up gradually. What happens? The good society is dissolving in small steps, faults occur, values lose their status, justice perverts slowly, etc. These are typical signs of deterioration. When this happens, automatically the positive, activating principle for the bad ones increase and supports them, so that dissocial behavior, crime, misuse of power, etc. increase too. The evil is getting stronger, with increasing influence, while the good is losing power, slowly degenerating. And now the BUT: But the evil is depending on the good as the evil feeds from the good. The good is the host of the evil parasites. And we know – as soon as the host dies, the parasites will die too. When one pole dies, the other pole will die too. (But certainly the good ones would survive the death of the evil but in reality this case probably does not happen.)

According to this fact, the evil will rise as long as there are enough good ones which serve as hosts, servants, slaves, workers, – as long as someone feeds the evil. And now we come to the next important point: The evil is evil and not wise, not enlightened but selfish, destructive without social abilities and these disorders, these bad qualities lead the evil to its doom.

Indeed one day the critical time has come where the evil cannot grow any longer as they destroy each other and the basis of their existence, the good ones with their necessary structure, society and then the negative principle increases for the evil and their fall takes place while the good ones are increasing in their power because their positive principle is rising. The result is that the evil destroy themselves and certainly are destroyed by the good ones and that the good ones rebuild their positive society and will flourish again until the negative principle starts again for the good ones. Then the same cycle repeats itself.

So in conclusion we can observe always and everywhere the same cycle driven by the main polarity with its secondary polarity. And in fact, equal where you look at, history is full of such examples, the rise and fall of empires, cultures, traditions, religions, peoples, etc.

When we now take a look at our own situation in the world, then we can examine something similar. The evil has been rising for hundred years already in many forms and the good principle is nearly completely destroyed today. We can see everywhere the growing of the resistance of the good while the evil is losing its power and structure. It is indeed “only” a matter of time until the positive principle has made the good people so awake and strong while the negative principle has destroyed the evil, that the good will triumph over the evil. This takes place according to the laws of metaphysics.

From a further point of view, these processes will lead to a higher, refined life for the good, for society, science, religion, culture, etc. So indeed this is a step towards a higher stage. It means development, learning from mistakes and bad experiences.

And this process provides also the chance to balance a lot of evil karma for a lot of people. It is a clearing and balancing process.

At last I want to point at an important aspect of good and evil. The good ones are always social while the bad ones are always dissocial and with this selfish. And we can also say that the evil ones always suffer from psychic disorders when we take a normal, healthy human being as the basis. So indeed the evil ones lack of a series of important human qualities and abilities while a few aspects may be more developed.

I have tried to show you the simple principles which work behind the scenes and hope that I did this in a comprehensible way. In fact for the spiritual seeker it is very important to understand that behind our complex world, higher and simpler principles are at work and if you want to become a wise man then you should study and understand these principles. Creation is indeed a pyramid with the complex material world as the basis and God in his unity at the top. From the point of the view of a creature at the basis, life and the world are too complex to understand. But at the top, from the point of view of God, everything is quite simple, logical and clear. And as an initiate you can move to the top, to the upper part of the pyramid and watch the world from above, with a deeper understanding. This can be quite useful.