You are what you eat

This is true for the physical plane and everyone knows the difference between someone who eats healthy food and someone else who eats trash. In fact you consist of your food. I remember a nice documentary about Spanish pigs which are fed only with acorns. The result is that they smell and taste like acorns and that they have all substances of acorns in their blood and flesh – just as an example. So this is also quite logical.

But I do not want to focus on this physical aspect as the same is true for your mind and soul, your personality.

Now become aware of your mental and emotional food which you take every day in your life. And that´s what you are.

In fact we “eat” what we perceive with our senses and we eat thoughts and emotions. We stomach them, digest them and integrate them into our mental body and our soul. We make these things a part of our own nature.

And this should make us think if we nourish in a good and right way for health, harmony and a positive attitude for mind and soul, or if we nourish with trash our senses, our minds and souls, our energy system.

Beyond these “normal” aspects which concern every human being, there are higher aspects, spiritual aspects.

So what do we do in the spiritual training? We nourish mind and soul with higher energies, higher thoughts and feelings. We nourish us with divine spirit. And what happens? We integrate these higher spiritual energies in our nature and so we transform ourselves to divine levels, step by step, and so we unfold our divine nature.

In conclusion – it is all about the right nourishment!