Pope Franziskus, a good example of a religious leader

The “new” Pope Franziskus appears as an extraordinary man in many aspects. While his predecessor probably was the most brilliant head in the history of the Catholic Church, Franziskus is a man who follows the wisdom of his heart with a humble, serving attitude and with a great relation to reality, to practical action.

When I have read the newspaper in the morning today, I was more than astonished to read about his call to pray together for peace in Syria – beyond all limitations of religious confession, even the atheists he has invited to pray for peace. In fact I was overwhelmed that I am allowed to witness this wonder. And then I read further on that other religious leaders have already answered this call and that they all want to pray for peace.

For me this is a sign that hope is not lost but still given for mankind. What a fascinating, wonderful event! The spiritual resistance against the dark brothers makes its first steps in public!

For all those who are not informed – Syria is the place where the decision is made about the Third World War. And you can be sure that this World War will be a real and complete World War where all major parties will take part and the world order afterwards will be different to now. Then we will have a New World Order and this will have comprehensive consequences for all people worldwide.

So it is definitely a good idea to demonstrate for peace and for true brotherhood of mankind beyond all ignorant and artificial limitations.

In the future Franziskus will probably be known as the greatest Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. He is a man who deserves respect and appreciation for his attitude and action.

May God bless him with great power, divine protection and a long life!

And may he serves as a model for a true spiritual attitude for all religious leaders and communities!

We need more of his kind to win the fight against darkness.