The specific problem of spiritual people, health, superfoods and new perspectives

Spiritual people feel often not really at home in the material world, especially in our materialistic, dark times. Spiritual people live more in the higher realms as their nature is at home there. So when you take part in heaven, in higher forms of love and consciousness, then the material world has not really much to offer for you. You focus more on the important things in life, the so-called simple things like true love, understanding and happiness. You are grateful for sharing your life with your family and your friends. You love nature, harmony and peace of mind. And in fact everything could be so great if the pressure of the material world didn´t exist.
Today we experience so much force in all aspects of life, simply for the reason that we live in a high-performance-society, where only a high performance counts, so that you consume much and pay your taxes on time. Real life is something like a relic of the past which most people do not really remember any more. Who still experiences the higher unity with creation? Who is able to enjoy a moment of just being, of stillness and harmony?
The dark side has a great impact on life today and the old system of master and slaves has just changed in appearance. In fact this system has reached a degree of perfection today as most people are not able to see it. This win and lose system brings so much suffering to the world. And it makes this world so unattractive, so that especially spiritual people would love to escape if they could.
All these aspects result in a quite unhealthy attitude of spiritual people. It is the attitude to neglect material wealth, money, a good income. In consequence many spiritual people live under poor financial conditions and have to suffer from all kinds of connected problems. A common blockade are here also old vows which spiritual people did in former incarnations as monks and nuns, – vows to neglect wealth, partnership, children, etc. but to dedicate yourself to poverty and to focus only on God, Jesus, Maria, etc.
So what is the consequence? The good souls on earth which could transform the darkness of the material world into light are blocked and powerless as they lack of the necessary money, the material wealth and power to change things. This is a great disaster and tragedy. But that is not all. With this powerlessness of the servants of light, the evil is invited to rule over our world in its dark, destructive way. And in fact the evil keeps the light in chains and exploit all good souls, makes them ill and suffering.
So where is the good in neglecting material wealth which provides personal freedom, wellbeing and health? There is simply no good in this attitude. In contrary all spiritual souls should be really rich to push the liberation of all people worldwide from darkness.
Imagine what a good soul could do with money and material power! Imagine what you could do! First you would destroy your chains of dependency in the dark master-slave-system which means to become free, to enjoy freedom, self-determination, holding your fate in your own hands. Then you would choose a profession, activity or work which you really love and enjoy, where you create something good for yourself and others. This business or activity would be based on the lawful win-win-system where you follow Jesus words as to treat everyone else with love and respect like you want to be treated by others. And what do you think how this feels like? More than really great! And while you undergo these steps of liberation and drawing wealth into your life, you also experience a growing health for your mind, soul and body. Everything in your life becomes more and more balanced, healthy, good, great, perfect. Heaven on earth is manifesting itself. You are full of energy, full of inspiration and great ideas how to serve mankind and creation come into your mind and so it is not a big challenge to find like-minded people to launch altruistic projects for the spiritual transformation and healing of the material world. Imagine this! What a great and happy movement! A glorious time of working together on a heavenly world!
And certainly, when the spiritual people would be empowered by material wealth and good income, then the darkness could vanish in growing and faster steps. Then one day not a single human being would agree to become a slave of the dark system. Then also healing could happen for the dark ones.
I hope that I was able to show how important it is that spiritual souls change their negative attitude towards material wealth, money and a good income. It is all about freedom, self-determination, living your ideals and wishes, liberating yourself from the dark structures of exploitation and serving the spiritual healing of our planet.
So, what are the next steps?
The first step is to really understand what I have said, to become aware how fatal it is to keep this attitude of poverty. It does not serve the light but it serves darkness and suffering.
The second step is to get rid of all blocking vows of former incarnations. These vows have served their purpose once but are of no use today any more. You can use meditation, autohypnosis, prayers or hypnotherapy for this. Just focus your will and imagination on the idea to dissolve the vow energies completely because they have lost their sense and are in this life evil for you.
In the third step you should ask yourself what you really love to do and which can generate a good, satisfying income or even more to empower you to launch spiritual, altruistic projects as a service for mankind and creation. Here already small projects are great projects. Size does not matter. In general ask God for guidance, for inspiration and for happy, useful circumstances in life, where you meet the right people in the right place at the right time with the right ideas to make good things happen. Ask for full support of the spiritual realms. Remember that you are not alone!
In the fourth step you should gather like-minded people to support each other, to share good things together, to find new ways and solutions for the problems we all have to face. In a community based on spiritual values you can achieve so much more than if you “fight” on your own, somewhere lost in the dark system. So gather the light, the good souls, become a spiritual fire and live your life in best way.
And please have always in mind that it is up to you, how you create your business. No one can force you to take part in the evil winner-and-loser game. You can officially proclaim to work only in the winner-winner frame for long term satisfaction, happiness and true trust. In fact people, customers, clients will be very happy and grateful for such a positive attitude and they will follow you. Most people are really fed up with being cheated in business.
Now let´s go further. In the last ten years we had to experience that the conditions for jobs and income have become worse, that stress and problems increased while income decreased regarding paying taxes and living expenses. So indeed you work harder for less money and more problems. This is already bad enough but unfortunately the next step is coming soon. In a few years countless people will lose their jobs because robots and computers will replace them. Robots can work 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They show a perfect performance and they are much cheaper than the cheapest human employee in a Third World country.
When this happens, the great question occurs what all these people are supposed to do without jobs. In an evil scenario governments will do their best to get rid of them by new diseases, by civil war, war or maybe nicer by artificial occupational therapy. In a positive scenario the world understands the necessity of spirituality and so the robots are the first step into a future of a minimum of work and a maximum of freedom to do what you like, to experience our world, to learn, to serve, etc. As only a few years are left, it will be the big question which scenario is more realistic. Nevertheless everyone should know about these developments and should be prepared as far as possible.
Now we come to an interesting phenomenon which shows a way out of the old and dark system towards real changes in a spiritual, holistic frame. I need to speak a little bit more verbosely about it so that you can understand the meaning of it and the great effects.
In a spiritual world respectively in world which has understood the laws of creation and which is following therefore wisdom, truth, love, etc. the right attitude in business is for everyone to understand himself as an entrepreneur. If everyone is an entrepreneur there is no one who is the boss or the employee. There are only self-responsible people who meet to cooperate for certain projects and aims and this as teams with team play, with respect, with regard of their needs, etc. This understanding of oneself and all others does not allow the unhealthy master-slave-relationship and winner-loser-game. It is built on freedom, on making own choices, on showing respect towards each other, on wining together, on real cooperation. In fact in former times and in parts today this lawful business system still exists and will come back again in the future. It is the basis of the original idea of doing business – the exchange of products and services among equal and free people. Today it is in main different as a few bosses keep their employees to create profit. Here not only the bosses exploit the workers but also other institutions like the government, etc. For example in Germany a normal employee works more than half a year for someone else and not for himself. This is not good. Here you may ask why and for whom people work so much.
So in conclusion the best case is when you are an accepted and respected business partner in a win-win-system instead of being dependent on the grace of a boss.
Now let us think about the product. Today many or most products are of a questionable quality and built for making as much money as possible which includes a cheap production and bad payment of the employees – think here of the bad conditions for workers in Asia for example and the high profits of their products made in Europe and USA. When you buy a shirt for 80 Dollars in Europe then it may took five Dollars for production and the one who produced it receives some Cents for it. Again you may ask where all the money goes to.
Today many products are not only of a questionable quality but they are also in a way designed that their life span is limited to the guarantee time, – just for the purpose to make the customer buy as soon as possible a new product. Further on the development cycles of products have been reduced to a minimum of maybe one year. So for example every year a new smartphone has to be launched although it follows no higher sense or purpose but just for making people consume. The system is based on increasing consumption. In fact it would be much better to invest more time for development into a high quality product than to launch in short terms products with errors and problems. The pretending of technical progress is so ridiculous that it is amazing that no one says anything. Have you ever asked yourself where for example any real progress should be for the design of a toothbrush or a razor or for a camera which gets a few more megapixels than its previous model? The companies are kidding you. Indeed in former times people created products of high quality to last as long as possible with a high degree of usability. Now imagine that your service or product is a real good one with a true benefit for your customer, a product of high quality made for a winner-winner-system and not for cheating. How would it feel like to offer such a service or product? It would feel more than great because you know that you sell only the best! And you can sell it with enthusiasm and a perfect conscience. And certainly this fits perfectly into our spiritual frame.
Now let us think about the people who are selling products or offer services today. Most people in the dark system of business today have to force people to buy their products. It is not a free offer. In contrary they are often trained to manipulate potential customers to make them buying their stuff. This is certainly not at all a positive attitude. In the normal and spiritual way people would show their products and explain their services, so that the potential customer can make his best choice to really benefit. And when the customer benefits then also the seller will benefit. This is the principle of win-win-situations. Even if the product is not sold, the seller shows a perfect attitude and wins the trust of the customer, so that he will recommend him to others. Again we can see that freedom and best choices are a true benefit for everyone.
In conclusion, in a winner-winner-system, on an absolute positive, natural and spiritual basis, everyone is his own boss, gains respect and shows respect, wishes only the best for his business partner, sells only high quality products and services and profits from fair cooperation, team play, etc.
So these ideas can be realized by everyone with his individual services and products. To support this idea of a true and 100% winner-winner-system I have created the network of excellence where people can meet like-minded ones. I guess that the platform will be launched this year (2014).
I will now return to the “phenomenon” which I have started with in a verbose way. Besides taking your individual way, a big company has started according to these principles on a larger scale. The company follows the principle of using only the best knowledge, the best experts, the best techniques, etc. to create the best products, best distribution, etc. When you work only this way then the result can only be the best you can think of.
This company has invented an absolutely positive, useful, high quality product which provides best profit for the customer. And the company has chosen a way of distribution where superfluous costs are saved and the money flows into the product and the people. Here the idea of showing respect to the distributors as self-responsible entrepreneurs is realized in best manner. They are independent in a positive way but at the same time they work in teams to support each other for success and increasing income. It is like in a big family where people are interested in the wellbeing and progress of each single member.
So this is all very positive and good already. Let´s turn again to the product. It is based on the so-called “super foods” and with this it is a product to support your health, wellbeing and performance. This is also absolutely positive and useful, especially in our times where a lot of people suffer from bad health and stress.
“Super Foods” are those fruits and vegetables, etc. which are particularly rich in vital nutrients. So in fact you need only a small quantity of super foods to replace great amount of normal foods for a high impact on your health. So now imagine that experts combine the best super foods in a most effective way for a maximum impact on all your self-healing processes of mind, soul and body. And this is exactly what the experts of this company did. In fact, when you use these essences of super foods in their smart mixture then you maximize all healing processes in your body which means detoxication, recovery, rejuvenation, high performance of mind, soul and body, vitality, fitness, great health, great immune defense, stress resistance, etc.
And do you know what it means to experience these things? To be fit, vital, in good health, feeling great, etc.?
In fact it means empowerment! It means that you now have all the energy and performance you need for a happy, successful and great life! It is the empowerment to make free choices, to take your individual way, to get the most out of your life! It means self-responsibility, real power, the liberation from blockades, chains as bad health and low energy level are the worst blockades in your life. For success you need energy. Also for your spiritual training you need energy. The more energy you have the better it is. You need energy to realize your dreams, your wishes.
Now imagine that you use this product to restore your health and vitality to a maximum. Imagine that this product is so powerful that the results are awesome and fast, in fact astonishing like you can see in countless YouTube testimonials. Imagine that you feel like superman or superwoman after some weeks, ready to take your challenges in life and to win them all. Wouldn´t this be great?
This is great for sure and you can experience it by trying the products. I am testing them for a few weeks now and I am really surprised how powerful they support all kinds of self-healing processes in my body to help me recover from too much work and very old health problems. I am really grateful for making these experiences.
And now imagine that not only you use these products to recover and maximize your vitality and power but that also others use it too and make this most important step from suffering to health, from low energy level to maximum personal power, from powerlessness to self-responsibility. Breaking the chains! Increasing the light! Freedom!
And now imagine that this process of empowering, vitalizing people includes also a financial dimension, that you and others can increase their personal income with a minimum of effort and that it is only up to you how successful you want to become, how much money you want to earn. You are not limited, only by your commitment. You decide.
So in conclusion we have a company, a product, a way of distribution, etc. which all are best of the best, absolutely positive, liberating, empowering, health and vitality restoring, old dark system breaking and everyone can take part in this movement for better life conditions. This is in fact a global movement which can and will cause major changes first in the life of single persons, then in business and in society worldwide, indeed in all aspects of life! Slavery can be defeated! Liberty can be accomplished! It is a powerful way to increase the light, the fire of awakening and to make the darkness vanish!

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