Problems of spiritual transformation

The first problem of spiritual transformation is that no one really wants to transform his personality. What? Right! Most people only want to think and talk about spiritual things, a spiritual attitude, spiritual practice but they do not really want to change anything in their life and especially not in their character. Who really wants to improve himself, to become a better, a perfect human being, a master? Not many.
The second problem is that most people do not really know what it means to refine your character. What are the results? What about family and friends? When you change, your social field changes too or should change to the better if possible. We all need like-minded people around us and if we do not have them then life becomes hard. So it is somehow a risk to change yourself as it means major changes in your life.
The third problem is, when you really undergo a spiritual training and you make higher experiences of love, of enlightenment, when you refine your soul, then you probably appear in a different way in public. You look as you were high, happy, with deep peace on soul, maybe a great enthusiasm. You speak about high ideals, altruistic projects, serving mankind, etc. And so you become an alien in this materialistic world. Saints, spiritual people, holy people have no real place in this world. They belong to the higher realms, to heaven. And this incompatibility can cause big problems and much suffering. So spiritual students with higher degrees of refinement have to protect themselves, often have to hide their true nature. This is certainly only in parts possible because of their different charisma.
And then the worst problem is when you have realized your divine nature, divine virtues and a cosmic consciousness. Then you are more a god than a human being, a god in a human body. The divine nature is different from the human nature and this makes it somehow hard to appear humanly, to react humanly. You simply belong now to a different world. And for this case of highest maturity and refinement, there exists and extra teaching how to hide your true nature in front of normal people, how to appear normal although you are not. This fact is quite amazing. And it also comes along with a different perception of the world as a magical world which is sleeping or dreaming at the surface but within it is pure magic and all beings are magical beings.
In former times things were easier as spiritual masters and their students were accepted in society but today no one can appear in public in a state of divine consciousness and unity.
The good times are gone but they will come back one day.
At last I want to suggest to become completely aware of all the changes, the transformation which takes place when you undergo a spiritual training. You won´t be the same afterwards and your view of the world will change too. But on the other hand – transformation, changes and growing are a permanent part of life which we cannot escape.
We are meant to unfold our divine nature, to become divine spirit from divine spirit. Like Jesus said: “My father and I are one!” which means from the same nature. And this is our path.