The mystery of the underlying unity of creation

On the material plane all beings are obviously individuals which are physically separated, living together in an interdependent way. All beings have also their own mental realms, – own thoughts and own emotions. But there is one plane which is uniting all beings and the whole creation. It is the highest plane of the universal spirit, the sphere of causes, the world of ideas. Everyone and everything is rooted in this plane. It is the one great spirit which embraces and nourishes all little spirits. It is the highest and original nature of all of us. From the point of view of this one, all-embracing spirit, everything which takes place happens in this spirit and to this spirit.
When a creature feels joy then this spirit takes part in the joy as the creature is one expression of the itself, the great spirit. And if a creature gets hurt then the great spirit feels hurt as there is nothing else indeed than the one spirit. So equal if it is joy or pain there is only the one all-embracing spirit who experiences it.
One major consequence is that everything we do to others or for others has the same effects as if we would do it to or for ourselves. On the highest plane of reality there is only unity and so there is only one being which causes love or pain and only one being which receives love or pain. And for this reason the law of karma works in this way that we wish to experience what we have done to others by ourselves in the next incarnations. This is in the negative way valid and it certainly can be used in the positive way – show love and respect to others and receive it yourself. It is also the source of altruism and selfless service for mankind and creation. The one serves the one in true, unconditional love. The little spirit serves the great spirit, the complete being where the little spirit is an aspect or part of it. A spiritual master knows that he is just a little part of the great unity and being and so he serves consciously God, creation and mankind in love. And there is no real sense in causing pain or showing disrespect or bad behavior as the only thing you do is to hurt yourself in the last and highest consequence.
This is something worth to think about. It is also the basis for all teachings of showing brotherly love to your fellow-men and to serve creation. Jesus and all Bhakti Yogis, all enlightened masters have been preaching these things for good reasons.
Divine love has its source in the underlying unity, in the great spirit, in Akasha.
Wise is the one who serves in love!