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1. Present situation
Business and economical cooperation are built today on questionable values like deficiency, exploitation, cheating, unhealthy dependency, new forms of master and slave relations, etc. where a benefit for the consumer or worker is only a side effect but not the aim itself. Because of this economical system of exploitation and deficiency we have to face big problems and suffering everywhere. This system has come to an end as it is against the laws of creation. Creation is based on the principle of abundance and works in a holistic way for all parts.

2. Aims
The association has the aim to establish real win-win-situations for all kinds of cooperation in business but also in life. Only if both partners of a cooperation or deal orientate on the (long term) needs and wishes of each other then really good results can be accomplished. This takes high requirements for membership.
It is an international community where everyone can take part who agrees to the high requirements. So one further aim is to integrate members from all fields of business and life worldwide for best offers and cooperation everywhere.
This network provides great chances for all participants and these chances want to be realized.

3. Requirements for members
There are high requirements for membership. First of all you have to understand that due to the laws of creation you can only gain the maximum of success, happiness, wealth, etc. when you wish exactly the same for your business or cooperation partner. This is the law of unity, of interdependency and interconnectivity. And this must be the maxim that every member wishes absolutely unconditionally the best for all other members and especially for the partner in business and cooperation. Only this absolutely honest, absolutely positive attitude provides top results. This includes naturally real interest in the needs and wishes of your cooperation partner, an honest attitude regarding offers, aims, performance, etc. and certainly only the best intentions for you both and your project.
The effect is that no one has to have any fears of being cheated but in contrary that full trust can establish fast which serves a very good cooperation and very good results. You will have a perfect conscience and you will be happy to do the right thing. No cheating, no negative behavior but only best conditions will serve inner peace, happiness, vitality, success and progress. It will bring so much relief in comparison with the negative way of business today. Everything will be easier and more comfortable.
Further effects are true friendship, true respect and appreciation worldwide, high performance projects, happy results, etc.
So everyone can only win in many ways for his life and business.
To ensure a high quality standard the profiles of aspirants will be checked first before they are allowed to become members. Then every member has to sign a statement of his unconditional willingness to cooperate according to the high requirements of quality standard. Then a profile has to be created in the internet community. For every realized project a detailed evaluation has to be made by all participants to support a high quality standard.
It is good if the member is also a member of the international association for the support of positive values.
Membership fees are required to offer a high performance internet community for business but they depend on the personal situation. So for example students can receive free membership. Membership ends at the free decision of a member or if a member does not follow positive values or if it hurts the community with unbearable bad behavior. By a very drastic violation of the principles of this community, the concerned member can be marked on the website to prevent further damage for others.

4. Organization
The community with all functions will be offered by Ray del Sole and his company. All aspirants will have to be approved during a process. Recommendations of members for the approval of new ones will support the process.
Local but also international meetings and events will be organized from the administration but also directly from members according to needs and wishes. Regular meetings are welcome as they are supportive for friendship and good cooperation.
Until own websites are created, we gather and meet in the corresponding facebook group. Please contact Ray del Sole on facebook for friendship and the invitation into the group.

5. Activities
We will offer seminars, etc. to increase the knowledge about best possible cooperation, psychological aspects and project management. The aim is to establish for all members a basis for high performance and best quality cooperation.
Last but not least it is also all about the integration of positive values into business and life for the benefit of everyone.

Such a network can become most powerful and long lasting, an unbreakable community and more.