The elixir of life – a revolution in treating mental disorders and physical diseases

Most people have heard about the mysterious elixir of life, a liquid with phenomenal powers which is able to heal all kinds of diseases and which can rejuvenate mind, soul and body. There exist countless stories about the elixir of life worldwide. It has been said that only initiates with their high knowledge and their magical powers are able to create it.
Now let´s imagine that this elixir of life really exists and that it is available. What do you think? Would you try to get it? Would it be worth to undergo challenges to get it? Would you pay for it? How much would you be willing to pay? A little bit, a nice sum or maybe a lot? Or would you show no interest at all as you feel quite well, as you use healthy food and your performance is also okay?
And what do you think how this elixir of life would look like? Would you be able to detect? Would you be able to understand its value?
Now imagine that you hear in the news that the elixir of life has been really found and that it will be presented on TV. I am quite sure that a lot of people expect the appearance of an old sorcerer looking like Gandalf and showing a small expensive crystal bottle with the label “Elixir of Life”.
But this is not realistic.
The original, magical Elixir of life, made by an initiate, would never be presented in public as it serves only very special purposes and it is not meant for the publicity. And no real initiate looks like Gandalf today.
What is realistic?
Realistic is indeed that scientists make great discoveries and use their knowledge to create a special mixture of natural, vital substances which have an optimal impact on the health of human beings. As soon as such a formula is found, a company will create corresponding products and these products can be called “Elixir of life”, – just because they supply everything which the body needs to recover on mind, soul and body to the possible maximum. And not only the self-healing processes are activated and supported to the maximum but also health itself and a high level of performance, of personal energy. Just imagine recovering from all imbalances, disorders and diseases as much as possible and to feel, also look much younger and stronger. Imagine that you have the power to take all challenges in life and business successfully. Imagine to resist all kinds of diseases which might threaten you regularly like the flue, etc.
And what is the reality?
These products already exist. But no one calls them “Elixir of life” and there is no “sorcerer” who advertises them on TV. In fact there are forces which do not want that such products become famous and so it is not wise, also legally forbidden to say how powerful and great these products are. Indeed, if you say this, you can go to jail. You may ask why this is the case. It is quite simple, – imagine if people do not need to take countless drugs, pills and that they do not need to undergo expensive medical treatments, – what would happen? One of the biggest industries would break down and further on, – who wants masses of people who are in good health, mentally and physically fit, paying attention to what the politicians and the economical leaders do, longing for freedom and self-determination? This means the doom for the dark elite! There is nothing more to fear for them than people being fit and healthy enough to make own decisions, to have an own will and to fight for their rights!
In fact the system of slavery is based on keeping the slaves only as fit as necessary for working and not more! Slaves have to be kept dull, sleeping, with a focus on trivial entertainment for satisfying their desires for life. But as soon as a slave awakens and starts thinking about the system, it will be the worst case!
So in conclusion, there is a product which can be called “Elixir of life” because it provides such amazing effects. And this product is available for everyone and you can pay it with a normal income. The only problem is to see behind the veils and to understand its meaning and power. Even in this blog I cannot post the name of it.
And in fact you can cure yourself with it by using it for 1-3 months for a complete regeneration of your whole system of mind, soul and body. And if you want to maintain a high level of personal vitality, power and health, then you can take it until you leave the material plane. It will enrich your life. It will raise your quality of life. It will support you in all your challenges and certainly also on your spiritual path.
Now let´s imagine that this “Elixir of life” becomes unchained and the truth about it would become public. Then this would mean a real revolution for all aspects of the field of medicine and medical treatments. Then the rule would be to supply this Elixir of life as a basic treatment for all people who have mental disorders or suffer from diseases or are injured. And only secondary normal medicine or medical treatments would be used. And here pills and treatments would be strongly reduced to a minimum as the body is a self-healing-system. The whole pharmaceutical industry would be shrunken to minimum size.
Can you imagine a world of healthy and vital people? Even with no suffering in the older ages? What would you call this? Paradise?
Would you like to live in such a world? Would you enjoy living life to the maximum? Would you enjoy to stay in good health, feeling happy and vital?
I can only speak for myself and my answer is clear: I will!
I am grateful that I got the chance to see behind the veil and to understand the importance of this Elixir of life. I am more than glad to be able to recover from too much stress, work and the damage of a heavy disease in my youth. And when you can buy such a great, powerful elixir without the need for a magical one, then this is perfect. Everyone can use it and profit in countless ways. This is the path to liberation from old chains, from suffering and health problems.
If you want to get background information, if you want to make your own experiences, then send me an email and I will tell you the secret of this Elixir of life.
I prophecy that this Elixir will cause major changes for mankind in the coming years, – positive changes for a better world, a world of self-determination, liberty and vitality.
You can share this blog with everyone, you think is ready for new experiences and for a better life. Unfortunately too many people are still sleeping and not aware about what is going on in our world.
Today it is not good to stay sleeping.
May the divine spirit bless mankind with the great awakening, the spiritual sunrise!
(Like the old Initiates of Egypt loved to say.)