The natural way of initiation

When we think about initiation, then we always think directly about priests, gurus, shamans, etc. who give initiation to a chosen student. But in fact this is not the only way of receiving initiation. In former times people were able to receive a direct form of initiation without a guru but directly from nature.
Worldwide we know special places of spiritual power, – centers of high spiritual energies which flow and accumulate there as a natural phenomenon.
In former times people where more open and sensitive for the powers of nature and they discovered such places by intuition.
Imagine you are wandering through the landscape. You come to a place where you feel changes in yourself, – more vitality, a better mental performance, your health is increasing and you have visions, etc. Just because you are there in this place in nature. You don´t know why. It is just happening. The energy is different, better, higher.
And what do you do? You return often to this special place and you tell your family and friends about it. And so over time this place becomes well-known as a holy place and people go there often for healing, for inspiration, for the experience of unity, etc.
To say it in a simple and short way. So everything is natural, spiritual and good without priests, gurus, etc. Now we have to differentiate more:
Depending on the time you stay in such a place, depending on your personality, on your attitude and desires, you will make different experiences there. A raw personality or a short stay will probably cause no great initiation experiences or changes or enlightenment. But if you are a refined character and you stay there for a longer time and in best case doing some exercises then you have great chances for enlightenment, for the unfolding of spiritual abilities and powers, etc.
From these refined persons the first leaders, wise men and gurus originated. And in these former times they naturally took responsibility for their people in a positive, spiritual way and only as far as necessary. Indeed it has been always the same pattern that an older, more experienced person supported a younger, less experienced one in the process of initiation. Even if it just meant to say “go there and stay the night”. Life is based on guidance and support.
Today these holy places still exist but most of them are not natural any more but have churches, temples, monasteries, etc. built upon it. So they have no longer free access for everyone.
Others are still open and meanwhile people remember again their power.
So certainly it is nice and interesting to know about these things but I write about this topic for higher reasons:
You can and should use consciously such places for your own initiation and development. It will support your training and development in a very good way.
Let´s see how you can use these magic places:
First we have to differentiate between the type of places. There are places with a special quality and there are more general places.
Examples: When you visit Paris in France then you can experience and connect yourself to the divine form of love in the church “Sacré Coeur” and you can connect yourself and experience the great spiritual power and the quality of lawfulness, etc. of JHVH in the church “Notre Dame”. It is the original power of the Knight Templars. Once you have experienced this power you know why these Knights were so powerful and respected. In conclusion there are countless very special places, temples, churches where you can experience and connect to higher powers and qualities to refine yourself and to learn about divine virtues. Think about all the gods and goddesses worldwide, all the angels and saints, etc.
The general places are not defined in their quality in this way. They are open, generally supportive. Here we can differentiate between places with a domination of the electric fluid/nature (fire/male/spirit) and those of a magnetic fluid/nature (water/female/soul).
The electric energies are activating, refining, empowering, enlightening, inspiring, supporting the higher senses/ higher perceptions, ecstasy, out of body but also healing, dissolving of blockades, vitalizing, etc. Here the main focus is the spirit and the spiritualization. Traditional: male – spirit – fire
The magnetic energies support deep states of mind, being open for intuition, guidance, meditation, mind traveling, higher feelings, relaxation and healing, nourishing, vitalizing by the water element, empathy, etc. Here the main focus is the refinement of the soul. Traditional: female – soul – water
(Jesus for example says that the women have to become men, when he is asked by a disciple if women can become his students. This just points at the fire element and the need to spiritualize, to transform oneself to the nature of spirit.)
For the practical application you just have to ask yourself what kind of quality has the magical place you have found. Then you can use it in a corresponding way. Always connect to what you need for your development.
Now the techniques:
You should really take a bath in the atmosphere, the energy of the place and this for as long as possible/comfortable. Inhale the energy. Let the energy fill your whole system. Imagine here that the energy is able to permeate you completely, that there are no obstacles for the energy to flow through and into your whole body. Indeed you should become one with the energy. Feel the energy, perceive the effects of the energy on your mind, soul and body. Integrate the energy into your system.
Then combine this with conscious intentions. Meditate, pray that this energy is dissolving all kinds of blockades, that it supports your self-healing processes, that it activates your higher senses, your third eye, your intuition, etc., that the energy enlightens you, that you unite with the spirit of God, that your magical abilities unfold, etc….. Certainly only one topic at a time. Your will is driving the energy to the results you look for.
Also be very open, grateful and receptive for all the blessings which come this way. Such places are highways, meeting points, stations for high energies, for higher beings and their work and they connect the different realms and planes of creation.
Do everything consciously in such places as your thoughts become easily reality.
In general ask for cleaning of blockades, of forgiveness for old sins/ bad karma, for complete healing of mind, soul and body, for dissolving of old blocking vows of former incarnations. Ask for refinement, for blessings, for empowerment, abishekas, for the support of you, of your spiritual development and training, for the strengthening and refining of your abilities, powers and characteristics, for divine inspiration and intuition, – divine guidance…
If possible visit such holy places often. It will be a great benefit also in normal life, etc. Once you have made the connection you can connect by will/imagination also when you are physically not there. You just need to think that you are there and you will take part in the energy. This is a matter of the higher laws and of Akasha. So when you are in Italy you can still connect to the powers of Notre Dame in Paris, France.
In such powerful places amazing things can happen which might appear like wonders. You can be flooded by information which unveils secrets, mysteries or solutions to old problems. You can meet higher beings. You can experience powerful healings. You can experience unity and enlightenment. You can become aware of your former incarnations. You can unfold spiritual abilities, etc. There are so great treasures connected to such places that it is more than wonderful.
So use this natural support of creation for your own development and training. It is for free and a great joy to experience.