USA Seminar – The Secret Heart of Pranayama

I am happy to be able to offer my first seminar in the USA in Pennsylvania from 08.14. – 08.17.2014:

The Secret Heart of Pranayama

Discover the amazing power of vital energy!

Learn how to use it for your health, vitality & success in life. Come & join Ray del Sole in a wonderful & spiritual awakening experience!


What is vital energy? How does the body use vital energy? What is health? What means illness? Why is vital energy so important for success & spiritual progress? And much more…

• Learn to feel vital energy and how to use it –
o for recovering and maintaining health
o for increasing and strengthening your level of vitality, of personal power & charisma
o for realizing wishes faster
• Learn how to
o breathe vital energy with your whole body, body parts and single organs
o charge food, water, objects and spaces with vital energy
o impregnate vital energy with thoughts, feelings and programs
o create positive atmospheres for special purposes of healing, inspiration, feeling well, etc.
o create your own talisman with the use of vital energy
• Learn to differentiate between good and bad energies & to maintain energetic hygiene
• Experience the power of your mind and the laws of the higher realms


This seminar is for spiritual seekers who want to improve their knowledge and training in nonphysical pranayama for a diversity of applications. Please contact me for further information and your registration.

Hope to see you in Pennsylvania this summer!

Yours, Ray

PS: Here is a statement about the effects of vital energy breathing from my student Vielka:

I must say thank you Ray, because of what I have learned from you , your books, your webinars and personal emails regarding Vital Energy! I am able to sustain myself and my Spiritual practice more than ever before! When I get home and feel I can’t not give another second of my time to anything else because I am ready to collapse in bed and wake up to face the world the next morning, I get a second wind by tuning into incredible internal as well as external sources using the various exercises, visualization, mediation to get me started.

After that initial assistance, I am able to proceed with my discipline as intended.

Using the Vital Energy Exercises, tuning in with my surroundings and tap into that eternal energy source that its always present, I am anew again and again…..:)

I remember thinking: How do I tend to forget that this is always here, this source is always ready to support and enhance my practice, my spiritual journey?