The idiot attitude or how to violate the laws

There is one phenomenon which is indeed responsible for most of the problems which makes mankind suffer so much. I call it here quite drastically the “idiot attitude” as it is so painful.
First I want to describe the natural and lawful attitude. As a natural human being you follow your intuition and you use your intellect to understand what you perceive with your intuition.
Intuition means a holistic perception of your situation and it includes all information which you receive through your senses on a conscious and on the subconscious level – in sum 100%. The conscious perception has maybe only 10% of all available information as the mind uses filters to analyze only what seems to be important respectively what is interesting according to the present motivation. The rest of 90% is neglected or cannot be directly comprehended as it is subconscious.
So for example you are hungry and so your filters of perception see only available food while all other information is neglected. On the subconscious level you get further information about interesting or useful things and indeed you have a kind of feeling that you could do something else for your benefit but your focus is different.
So in conclusion we can say that from 100% available information we use 10% consciously with a filter caused by motivation and personality and that 90% of information are received on a subconscious level. Intuition means to use the 100% of information.
The natural attitude of a human being is to follow the intuition, the holistic perception of reality and to use the intellect only to analyze, to proceed the gained information. So indeed the intellect is the servant of intuition. Intuition is unlimited, complete, 100%. The intellect is a limited part of the conscious mind and can only process a very limited amount of information. The intellect is also limited to the filters of perception according to motivation (desire, need, wish) and to personality (maturity, refinement, etc.). Someone with a high developed mind mirrors perfectly reality and has so a perfect understanding of the world. Normal humans have colored glasses and only see through their filters.
In the natural state when you follow your intuition then you might not understand everything but you have an inner feeling about good and bad, about making right decisions and about potential dangers. And indeed you are connected with creation and so you are able to behave in a lawful way – for your benefit.
Today we have the problem that the 90% of our nature, the subconscious part which cannot be really understood, is feared, ignored and neglected. Today we have this unhealthy focus on the intellect and we live in the illusion that the intellect has the power to understand the world completely, to be successful without all other parts of our nature. This is a very dangerous illusion which causes endless suffering.
The limited intellect has taken the throne of the intuition unlawfully and tries to rule but a servant is not meant to rule like a king.
For example we all know the situation where your intellect says that it is a good decision while you have a very bad feeling. The intellect sees only 10% but your intuition knows 100% and comes to a completely different result. But you are educated in trusting your intellect and so you make the decision. Later you understand that it was wrong but then it is too late.
But this is not the worst case. The worst case starts with the idea of almightiness of the intellect, – often together with ego and desire. Then the limited intellect proclaims that reality should be like this or that to satisfy the own ego and desires. The result is that one is doing everything to fit reality into the idea of the intellect which certainly violates all kinds of natural laws and causes much suffering with bad results in the end. Nevertheless the intellect says then “Hey, it has worked out! Let´s do it again in the same manner.”
To understand this better I will show here a few examples:
Imagine you have a project. You want to create a concept for a house or so. Now you could estimate the time and effort for this project to begin early enough to accomplish it in best way. This is the natural-lawful-positive way. But certainly you are a human with amazing intellect, desires and ego, so you do different things until the deadline for the project is so close that you are really forced to work on it. So you start in the morning with a lot of coffee and cigarettes. You work the whole day and you know that this is not enough. So you make a short break in the evening and you work also through the whole night. You are completely exhausted although you drink too much coffee and smoke too many cigarettes. The project is not finished and so you work also the second day and the second night. On the third day you are fed up and you finish it more or less. The quality of your work is really bad but you are really proud of yourself as you have worked so much and even through the nights. Your client is not satisfied with the results but it doesn´t matter for you. Your conclusion is that it has worked out, that you did “everything” to accomplish it and that it is good this way. So you repeat the same manner over and over again. And for this reason I call this the idiot attitude. There is no insight about doing it in a natural-positive way with enough time for good results. The intellect ignores reality and takes suffering to behave stupid.
But it is even worse when such behavior includes not one or two people but whole companies, whole societies. Then the suffering is endless. We can observe such examples daily by the wonderful management and ideas of our politicians. They do not care about time, costs, effort, etc. they just want their projects realized without spending a single thought about the laws of realization.
I want to point at a very drastically example to show how stupid and terrible this idiot attitude works. Imagine there is a mother who is pregnant. As we know pregnancy takes around 9 months. Now let´s imagine that the mother says “Look, I have no time for 9 months pregnancy because in four months I want to do this and that.” The doctor says “Look, this does not work. It is against nature to get the baby so early. It is unhealthy, etc.” But the mother pushes the doctor to receive the baby in the fourth month. Now the doctors have big problems to keep the baby alive with the help of machines and special food. With tons of luck the baby survives and the mother says to the doctor “Look doctor, I told you, it has worked out! Why bother with 9 months when 4 are enough. It is also better for my shape and I can use the time for my own desires, etc. My next baby will take only 3 months of pregnancy as we have to increase the efficiency!”
So in fact this is the way people think today – far away from paying respect to nature and the laws of nature but focusing on ego, desires, ignorance, short goals, etc. – the idiot attitude.
The idiot attitude with the intellect as the king on the throne is in fact the dark attitude which belongs to the dark kings of the material world. They are not interested in creation or the laws of nature. They are interested in feeding their desires, their egos, in exploiting mankind and earth for their power. It is indeed their teaching of the “superior intellect” which has humans enslaved, perverted and reduced to something incomplete, imbalanced and broken.
If we all would follow our natural intuition, most of the dark things could not happen today.
So for the future we have to teach our children the importance of intuition, of paying respect to the laws of nature which are effective in us and in creation. When we violate these laws then we violate us, then we make us suffer.
We have to stop this fatal attitude with its amazing destructive power. The intuition has to return on the throne and the intellect has to return to its position as a good servant.