The Human Being – a Self-Regulating System

Human beings are a miracle of nature, actually as are all living beings. Humans have intelli-gence, can think, feel, act independently have needs and desires, and a complex body that sus-tains and balances itself. The smallest parts of the body, the cells are so complex that they are difficult to understand in themselves and in their function and in their processes. They also cooperate in large more complex forms which we call bodies. The organs also work together governed by a mysterious inner intelligence. Everything works in the form of a self-regulating system as it is known in systems theory. But what does that mean exactly?
It means that the bodies or people have all of the components necessary to maintain their life and to be functional. They can purify themselves and can remove and renew defective parts of their bodies. These parts can be healed and provided with fresh energy and human beings can control all processes within and regulate themselves. Also they can adapt to new circumstanc-es, and change within limits in order to ensure their survival.
These are all wonderful abilities, abilities that all living beings have.
When we look at a machine in comparison, it has neither life nor intelligence, nor the ability to keep oneself in functioning order or adapt. Without external help machines cannot work properly. The machine is not self-regulating. Reflecting once more we can ask “If humans are self-regulating, and as we have seen can heal themselves, what do we gain in becoming sick or seeing a doctor or using medications?”
As we know, we maintain healthy functioning through ingesting healthy nourishment. Just as the physical body requires its nourishment so the soul and spirit requires their corresponding nourishment to ensure healthy development.
In the best case a person consumes high quality food and just as much as is required to main-tain a healthy life. So a perfect functioning is guaranteed, the human being is healthy, feels vital and capable of having an active life. If the spirit, soul and physical nourishment is of insuf-ficient quality and or is damaging the system, then there is danger to health, vitality, well-being and the capacity to be active. There will be a breakdown. The functioning of the human being is not supported. Weakness, feeing unwell, low levels of vitality and the inability to be active are the results. The longer the deficiency lasts the more aggressively can disturbances and sickness set in. The self-regulating system can no longer function and healing is made difficult. Long term illness and difficulties set in.
The same happens when a negative event overburdens the human system and it can no longer maintain itself. An accident, an emotional trauma or some other not so simple incident often lead to disturbances and illnesses on physical emotional and spiritual planes.
In most of these cases the person who can’t help himself will go to a doctor, or a naturopath or a therapist. These healers will try in the best of cases to support the self-healing and self-balancing capacities of the patient.
Sadly it is mostly the case that medical understanding of sickness and healing nowadays does not lead the person concerned back to balance and health through high quality spiritual, emo-tional or physical nourishment. Their symptoms will more or less be well taken care of but for the most part remain in place. When the person concerned is lucky they find that they have come, by themselves back into balance and health through the body’s own capacity for self- healing.
If people follow their inner nature and intuitively nourish themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically then they remain healthy, feel a sense of wellbeing, and are active.
Unfortunately we live in a high performance society in which we as a rule follow other laws than those of nature and in which we do not really nourish ourselves spiritually emotionally or physically. Exactly the opposite nowadays, we consume harmful things that deplete our health instead of calling forth processes of self-healing. So many suffer in our high stress society under every emotional and physical disease. In place of healthy nourishment in spirit, soul and body following the laws of nature we reach for the nearest pill with which we can battle the annoying symptoms.
“Now, what really does a first rate healthy nourishment look like?” you might want to ask. That is very simple – do what makes you feel well, brings joy into your life, gives you energy, and don’t eat garbage that no longer has vital life energy. Much of what we eat today is simply garbage even though it tastes good or we eat out of habit. It has been processed so much with preservatives and things added that harm us and there is no life energy in it anymore. Recent research has shown for example that so called “super-foods” optimally support the spiritual, soul and physical health giving the body everything it needs to create balance within, to fully restore its vitality, activity and health. In the meantime many people have already been able to heal themselves of many kinds of complaints, quite simply through an optimized supply of vital-ity imbued foods. So that you may better understand the way in which this works I will provide an analogy. Imagine that you own a big house. As you know once in a while, a house needs maintenance and renovation. And now imagine that for this work you have a maintenance and cleaning crews. The crews are always available and do everything to keep the house clean and functioning. But now we come to the problem. As long as the crews can get their supplies and materials they can do their work properly and complete their tasks. But as soon as there is an interruption in the supply of materials or they are receiving low quality products then the work cannot go smoothly. The house gets dirty quickly and starts to fall apart. Do you understand? Your body is like this house. The crews are there. But they need the right materials to be able work efficiently. And that is the question of nourishment.
Only when you are able to convert your nourishment into all planes, spirit soul and body, can you let the cleaning and renovation go by itself. The self-healing can go on efficiently by itself creating health, vitality, wellbeing and energy for activities.
The correct choice of super foods can be a great support. As the research has shown they don’t just work on the level of the body, but also very strongly on the spirit and soul levels. Just like the self- healing process should work including all the levels of spirit, soul and body creating a unity of all three. If you understand these connections and want to restore health, vitality and performance then write to me and I will support you wholeheartedly in your endeavors.
Always make the best of your life. Help your body, your self-regulatory system to a healthy and fulfilling life.

This blog was translated by Bill Cranstoun. Big thanks to you, Bill, for taking the effort!