Do You Live With a Deficiency of Essential Nutrients?

You don’t know? Or maybe you suspect it? Possibly you feel burnt out, very stressed out unnerved, overtired or even very sick? Maybe you have already seen a doctor?
But essential nutrients? You? Never! You nourish yourself well, eat everything that is delicious and things in the supermarket that look good and healthy. Once in a while it doesn’t hurt to drink a cola eat a chocolate bar, or eat a McDonald’s meal. You aren’t really starving! Not really!?
Today our food supply succumbs to industrial processing, among other things to ensure that it has a long shelf life, and also that it looks good over months and in some cases years of time. Also, to present a more fresh and healthy appearance in the grocery store. Towards these ends all sorts of tricks are used whether its special gasses that keep a fresh appearance in meat or special lamps used in vegetable sections to maintain a fresh appearance for vegetables and fruits. It is very bad but has become the norm that a great many preservatives including flavor enhancers and artificial colorings are mixed in. The main reason is so that it looks good and has an intense flavor. In this way it has come to be no longer about healthy content.
Through the unending manipulation of our foodstuffs the essential nutrients are destroyed so that in the end only an inferior quality of nourishment remains and to these are added unhealthy substances that destroy essential nutrients. Simply said, nowadays through our normal diet our bodies get nutrient poor garbage to eat that burdens more than serves health.
Often those people who have the opinion that they are well nourished, also suffer commonly from a deficiency in essential nutrients simply because the organic food is not necessarily of a high quality. To be sure there aren’t poisonous pest control substances or preservatives, but with the quality of nutrients it can be another question. Nowadays fruit and vegetables are harvested too early and ripen afterwards in storage, in the transport ship or in the supermarket. This artificial ripening cannot be compared to ripening in the sun with nutrients and water from the plant or trees themselves.
The difference would become abundantly clear if you would for example go sit in one of the smaller Greek islands in an out of the way tavern and ordered fresh fish, salad and a glass of juice. A few meters in front of the tavern there is a small vegetable garden with tomatoes, cucumber that are naturally ripening. The fish is a bit small but fresh caught. The juice is fresh pressed from oranges and lemons that grow on the island. The salad comes fresh from the vegetable garden. If you were to treat yourself to a meal like this then you could be sure that it would taste fantastic, that it would be full of vitality, fully crisp and full of health. That there would be taste explosions in your mouth that you couldn’t get enough of. It is a true wonder to you. Every bite makes you happy and you can literally taste how the tomatoes, cucumbers etc. have ripened in the sun as the aroma unfolds fully inside you. It is an experience that will remain in your memory years after your vacation. Then when you return home and make a salad then you will unavoidably ask yourself where the taste, the smell, ripeness and where the crispness has gone. Something like that doesn’t exist in our life anymore. What was once very natural, normal and healthy has nowadays given way to an artificial “something.”
Everyone who can still eat sun ripened naturally grown and fresh ripened vegetables and fruit are really to be envied and as a rule are much healthier. The supply of natural essential nutrients is a given.
As a result we’d rather drink coffee, eat sweets and fast food. Do you know why we do that? It is because our normal nourishment doesn’t cover our real needs anymore and the body develops an urgent hunger that can’t be satisfied. As a result many people get fatter – because of deficiency. If overweight people or very stressed people would balance their intake of essential nutrients then the urgent hunger for sweets and overeating would disappear.
Yes, and if everyone would simply eat more healthy nutrient rich food then we would enjoy better health, well-being, vitality and an active life. We would better be able to deal with stress, master life’s challenges more easily and have more resistance against the negative influences from life in the modern world.
In fact the deficiency of essential nutrients is a very large fundamental problem today that expresses itself in every area of life.
If you want to make the best of your life then you must supply yourself with a large amount of energy rich, vital nourishment. I will gladly advise you in your specific situation which solution is best for you.
Think about it. It is your life, your happiness and welfare. You have in your hands the ability to feel full of energy, healthy, and ready to be active in life in order to really make the best of it! Think also of your family, friends and colleagues.
We can all reach out to one another.

Thank you Bill Cranstoun for this second translation! 🙂