The mental prison

Like physical prisons where people are locked up in small spaces, we have mental and emotional prisons with invisible walls, limiting us in our possibilities of thinking, feeling, behavior and making experiences.

Unfortunately, people are grandmasters in building these invisible prisons. The tragedy is that no one else but we, ourselves are building these prisons and locking us in small spaces where our souls and minds can hardly move and are not able to make new experiences, also lacking vitality and happiness. And so many of us simply suffer over long periods of time without noticing that we have also the keys to escape our own prisons. The prison seems to offer comfort, safety and space to hide from the outer world, from other people and facing life.

And it all starts often in the childhood.

We are born free but as soon as we start to think, to feel, to move someone from the adults comes to limit our freedom, to press us into a preconception.

  • “Don´t do this!”
  • “A good boy does not behave like that!”
  • “Do what we expect you to do!”
  • “Ask for permission!”
  • “You are stupid!”
  • “You are a bad boy!”
  • “You will never be good enough for this!”
  • “You will be always bad in mathematics!”
  • “You will never understand this!”
  • “You don´t know how much you have disappointed me!”
  • “You are not okay!”
  • “I can never forgive you!”
  • “Your Mum does not love you!”
  • “God does not love you!”
  • “You are a loser!”

The problem is that children believe everything what the adults say. It is the truth which is not questioned. And when you hear often enough as a child that you are bad, that you are evil, that you are stupid, a loser, that no one loves you, that you are not okay, – you will believe it and make it to your own truth. And in this way you create your own prison – by making negative experiences and creating a negative mind set.

And the story goes on – at school, in society, with partners, coworkers, the boss, in your relationships, etc. Permanently we receive judgments about how we look like, how we behave, about our thoughts and emotions, about our wishes and needs. Everyone tries to tell us what is good, what is bad, what we should do and what not. And this all has an influence on us. Negative influences have limiting effects, making your prison stronger. Positive influences have liberating and strengthening effects where you feel empowered, vitalized, successful and happy.

Unfortunately, our society prefers the focus on problems and negative aspects while it neglects the possibility to empower people and to make them feel good.

The saddest thing is that in most cases those who are close to us, our family members and partners are also those who judge us in the hardest way without any mercy.

We have a natural protection against negative influences of other people. The point is that during our childhood this protection does not work and with this we are very vulnerable and easy to influence in positive and negative ways. We are also vulnerable when we have made bad experiences in life or when we lack of vitality, health and energy. Wounds of the soul make us vulnerable. And when the protection does not really work and bad influences break through then the mechanism of prison building starts.

The mental prison is indeed a negative mind set of own, bad beliefs.

  • “My teacher told me that I am too stupid to go to university. So I won´t try at all to get better results at school as I am foreseen for a simple job later.”
  • “My mother told me that I am not loveable. So I cannot expect love and happiness in my life.”
  • “Everyone tells me that I am a loser. So I won´t look for success in life.”
  • “My mother is always anxious about me. So I won´t do anything, taking no challenges, better stay passive at home.”
  • “My mother needs me. So I must take care of her and sacrifice my own needs and wishes.”
  • “My last relationship caused my so much pain. I will never look for another chance.”
  • “On my holidays in Scotland it has rained one week. I will never go to Scotland again!”
  • “My pizza was bad. I will never eat pizza again.”

The mind set with its beliefs is a matter of learning processes and drawing conclusions. Quite often these processes lack of logic and are not verified. They are a matter of the subconsciousness and of emotions. When we look at such beliefs from the intellect, we see clearly that they are all wrong and that there are chances for positive changes and positive experiences.

I have exaggerated it a little bit with the last two examples to show how bad the logical reasoning is. Not only for pizza but for all bad experiences in life. But unfortunately, this is typical for humans.

Now what is the solution?

First of all, it is very useful to become aware of your complete mind set with positive and negative beliefs. It is also useful to discover the roots and original situations which caused them.

In a second step it is useful to question the negative beliefs and perceptions with your intellect.

In a third step you can find positive settings to replace the negative ones.

And in a last step it is all about replacing and integrating the new beliefs by new positive experiences.

This all can come along with deep healings and release of bad emotions.

Let´s take an example. Let´s imagine that you discover the belief that you are a loser and that you will never be successful in any way. By making research you discover that you had a teacher who told you this and that you have believed him because you were a young child. You further discover that this negative mind set was the reason that you never made any effort to become successful, to work on something or to look for chances in your life. Quite the contrary you withdrew yourself from all challenges and preferred to be lonely and passive. As you discover these things, you become angry and sad at the same time and a lot of bad emotions come up to be released. After this emotional break out, you feel more peaceful and you start to question this belief and the original situation. Now, as you are an adult, you understand that the teacher was simply a very bad guy with own problems and projecting all his self-hate on the young pupils to feel better. So in fact it was never your personal problem but the problem of your teacher. You also become aware that nearly all other pupils in your class suffered in a similar way. Now that you understand the whole problem, you are able to neglect the belief of being a loser. You feel that you can open yourself to the new idea to be a winner. “I am a winner! I am successful!” and this feels good! Now you start to behave in a new way and to try things, to face challenges and you feel a new stream of energy in yourself, you feel empowered, stronger than ever before and this new energy lets you master your first challenges. Now you are a happy. You have made new, positive experiences and you are ready for more! You have unlocked your mental prison!

Important is really the experience that as soon as you unlock your prison, all energies are again in a natural, vital flow. All the blockades, all the artificial cramps are suddenly gone and you feel empowered, vitalized, happy, inspired, free and ready for the adventures of life.

Understand that as long as you are in your mental prison, you block yourself and your energy flow and with this you are not able to enjoy the state of flow, the natural ease of life, the happiness and inner peace.

You are the one who can liberate yourself! It is your duty! It is also your duty to protect yourself against negative influences from stupid people. People have their own problems which they try to project on others to feel better. So never take things personal! Question everything!

I truly hope that these words help to liberate people, maybe you, from artificial, unnecessary and simply stupid mental prisons.

You are here to unfold your full potential, to be happy and successful!

Do it!

Do it now!

Transform your mind set!