Mastery in Life

Life is full of challenges and unknown situations where we are forced to learn, to try new things, to change old behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, etc. and to grow towards from an individual to a universal point of understanding and attitude.

A main quality or principle of life is that certain things always repeat but always in more or less different ways. So we know main aspects but we have to react to the present situation. A simple example is that we have a day-night rhythm, that we have normally three meals per day, that we all have a family and relationships, that we all have jobs and activities but although it is the same principle things always change. Not a single day is exactly like the one before, no sleep at night is the same like last night. We do not eat the same meals every day. We and our partners change during the relationship. Members of our family change over time. The world changes day by day. And we always have to manage these changes. We have to react in a useful way. And the better we are able to manage life in all its aspects, the closer we are to real mastery.

When everything is in permanent change, how can be we become masters of life?

Here the point is that the multifaceted nature of life, of creation, of personality is ruled by laws, by principles of nature and when we know them and when we apply them, then we are able to adapt as good as possible to new situations in life.

So far we can say that mastery in life is a matter of knowing and using the laws of nature to adapt in a flexible way to new situations for successful, conscious management of them.

In the following I want to point out the main aspects of mastery today. So when you realize these aspects then you have accomplished a maximum of mastery in life.

Real mastery is a matter of a spiritual attitude and development. Without spirituality no real mastery is available. Spiritual studies and practical training are basically necessary but on the other hand further arts and sciences are important too, to gain a maximum level of mastery.

Here I assume that you are in a universal spiritual training. So the further explanations concern additional studies and training.

In general, it makes sense to differentiate between you, fellow humans and creation. This means that you need to improve yourself, that you need to improve all relationships with other people and that you need to improve your relationship with God and creation. These are the three basic aspects of realizing mastery in life.

Let´s start with you. Here we have mind, soul and body. Corresponding to the universal spiritual teachings you need to get rid of all energies which block you from good health, happiness and progress. Purification (cleaning) + healing of all traumas and bad experiences + vitalizing (spiritual reanimation) + refinement towards divine levels. It is a complete transformation to unfold in the end your divine and original nature, to become an adult in the kindergarten on earth.

Inter alia you need healthy life conditions, a healthy, vital nourishment, healthy social relationships and you need fitness training and endurance training. The physical training has wonderful effects on your level of vitality including natural cleaning effects for mind, soul and body. The endurance training offers a high level of performance in life, in all aspects of life. And today we must have a high level of performance including wellbeing. The endurance training also offers a high level of vital energy or energy in general. A fit physical body is the perfect tool for mind and soul.

The maintenance of positive relationships (friend, family, partner, coworker, etc.) has wonderful nourishing and balancing effects for the soul. We are designed as social beings and the positive social background is a main factor in managing all kinds of challenges and situations in life in a good way. Lone wolves die easily.

Positive topics for your mind as well as positive sensory impressions have wonderful nourishing effects on your mind or spirit. When you keep yourself mentally busy with inspiring, uplifting, positive topics then you will have a positive mental attitude, a vital spirit and a well-trained intellect, etc.

Positive contents for mind, soul, body and relationships have positive, vital effects on you, keeping your level of energy and performance high. Negative contents, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, relationships, etc. drain your energy and are destructive and with this not useful at all. So the wise man or woman chooses consciously the positive, nourishing things in life and neglects the negative things.

Before we talk about the management of relationships, – the successful and wise handling of life with other people, we focus on God and creation.

The universal spiritual teachings enlighten us about our true nature, our true origins, the sense of life, the laws of creation and how we can evolve to become what we are meant to be. So, these studies are the basis for everything. When we understand our place in life and in which relationship we really are with God, the spiritual hierarchy, creation itself and all creatures, then we can integrate ourselves consciously into this divine-natural order to enjoy the balance which results from it. Besides all kinds of studies, the studies of the keys of wisdom is most important. These are the laws of nature. Those who know the meaning of the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 know all main laws and are able to derive all other laws for a comprehensive understanding of creation and for a conscious use of them for success in life. Wisdom has always been the crown of all development. Besides the direct studies of the laws respectively keys of wisdom, it is very useful and important to learn from the experiences of successful people, of wise men, of leaders, of those who have achieved excellence in life. Learning from the experiences of great men and women can save you from own mistakes. Experiences are most precious. Today we have many good books about traditional wisdom teachings and top knowledge/ wisdom based on the experiences of great people. A regular occupation with such teachings is very useful to grow and to enjoy happiness and success in life.

Learn always from the best!

Now we come to the real core – the successful and happy management of all kinds of relationships with other people. In fact, this is our main occupation in life – dealing with other people. And this is a science and an art, and both are based on a true spiritual attitude.

Relationships with other people are basically a matter of communication. And so it is all about a professional, sophisticated, conscious way of communicating with people and understanding them.

The basis for professional communication is the psychological research on how people “work” with their needs, perception, understanding, ways of reaction, etc. So when you understand how the human nature works, you have the basis for good communication.

Today you find good books and workshops for professional communication and practical application.

Besides these basic books, there are further books which represent the top of knowledge and practical techniques.

We can say that it all has started with the scientific research of hypnosis techniques for psychotherapy. The use of modern hypnosis points at the work with the subconsciousness in an altered state of mind to find the hidden causes of problems and to change “improper” behavior into useful behavior, also to cause a cleaning and a healing of the soul. Hypnosis is a target-orientated communication technique for positive changes on a subconscious level.

Besides working in a trance state, we have also the possibility to use target-orientated communication in normal situations. This is called today NLP and it is derived from hypnosis research. Here we put useful questions to guide a conversation partner to a new way of perceiving a problem to find a fitting solution. These are positive changes of thinking, of attitude, of belief and of taking action.

Indeed, hypnosis and NLP offer professional communication tools to focus on problem solving, on real solutions and the necessary changes to overcome blockades, obstacles and limitations.

Life is all about solving problems and in best case in a most efficient way.

The art and science of “selling” is also based on the mentioned professional tools of communication with the same purpose – analyzing problems, understanding causes and symptoms and finding individual solutions. And the result – a so-called win-win-situation is corresponding to a spiritual attitude.

In conclusion, if you want to become a master of or in life then you have to study in theory and practice professional communication including hypnosis and NLP and “selling”. And in general, when you study hypnosis and NLP then do in the frame of coaching and psychotherapy as you learn here a lot about human problems and good ways of causing positive changes, healing and progress.

In fact, a spiritual person is always a priest, a healer, a coach, a therapist, a friend and a father or mother for other people, also an inspiring example.

The study of hypnotherapy has further advantages as hypnosis is the only tool which can integrate all kinds of psychotherapy techniques from other schools. So, when you undergo such an education then you learn a lot of useful techniques which you can implement in life. In fact, what is called psychotherapy today, is a collection of magical-shamanic-spiritual techniques of causing changes, healing people, releasing traumas, etc. Especially hypnosis opens the realms to higher realities and states of trance. So here you can learn to travel beyond space and time, to meet spiritual beings and deceased souls, to understand the purpose of your incarnation, to travel into past lives for healing and research and so on. The so-called past life therapy is a very powerful tool for healing and for research.

In conclusion, when you understand that it is all about communication, successful, target-orientated, professional communication to manage problems, needs, misunderstandings, wishes, etc. in a good way and when you are willing to undergo the theoretical and practical studies, then you can achieve a maximum level of mastery.

And all these things can be perfectly combined with your spiritual training. Indeed, they can help you very well to make progress.

Before I forget – mastery is also a matter of a high degree of intuition, inspiration and fine perception. The better our intuitive perception is, the better we can make good decisions and protect us from bad choices. So the training of intuition and fine perception is very important as well as having a good connection to the divine spirit for divine guidance.

In conclusion, I hope it is clear what is necessary for mastery in life. When we are masters, we enjoy inner peace, vitality, high performance, the realization of our goals and wishes, success, happiness and abundance. We enjoy also happy relationships with all kinds of people.

Life can be good!

PS: Besides target-orientated communication where problems are analyzed and useful questions are put to find fitting solutions, there is also the field of rhetoric. Rhetoric points more on the ego level, on emotions and “manipulation” in a questionable way. A master of communication should certainly also know how to appeal to positive feelings and enthusiasm by using rhetoric skills but this all must be in the setting of spiritual attitude and positive aims. It is also important to understand other people using rhetoric techniques for their purposes. We serve the Light while we also must understand how the dark side works.

Besides communication, essential knowledge and skills for mastery are offered by management and project management teachings. They are all about how to realize ideas in a professional way and how to maintain organizations perfectly. This is not only on a business level but already points at the smallest wishes, projects and problems on a private level. A master must know how to get things done in an efficient way with best results.