The need for regular meditations on divine unity

The conditions of life today take a lot of energy and although we try to recharge by food, socializing, nature, spiritual training, etc. we should focus on the main source for energy and this on a regular basis.

The main source of all energies is God. When we meditate on unite with God, then we can vitalize mind and soul. We can receive healing and inspiration. And we can receive empowerment to manage all daily challenges.

In former times, traditionally seen, people simply went to church each Sunday to recharge, to strengthen themselves, to receive inspiration and also wisdom. Taking part in a temple ceremony or prayers had certainly the same sense and effects. Rich people had their own chapels.

The point is simply to take one day per week (at least) to go into the state of divine unity and to recharge, to strengthen the divine inner nature.

We can do this in a good meditation where we consciously unite in love and light with the Divine, where we can also directly ask for healing, vitalizing, for inspiration, dissolving of blockades, etc. And we can orientate on the tradition way by preparing a nice altar, by dressing in an adequate way, by charging the whole room with a spiritual atmosphere – making your own temple.

And when we spend maybe 30-60 minutes in this state of unity, in the holy temple atmosphere then we can release all our burdens and find inner peace and healing. Then we can be who we really are.

Afterwards we are fit for life again.

When this simple pattern of regular meditation, maybe each Sunday, is installed then life will have more quality for you, things becomes easier and your development will be improved.