The real meaning of selling

Today the idea of someone selling something to someone else is often occupied with a negative meaning. So, most people have a negative feeling or attitude when they have to sell something or even want to buy something. This negative attitude causes real problems in business.

For spiritual people it is important to understand “selling” in the original, positive way. In fact, it is very simple. Someone has a need or a wish and someone else has the fitting product, service or solution to help, to satisfy the needs and wishes. In former times it was all a matter of exchanging products without any money on a local market.

Now, when we check the selling process today, then indeed we need to understand the needs and wishes of the customer, client or patient, so that we can really satisfy them with our service or product. When we accomplish this, everyone is truly happy. This is the so-called win-win-situation.

The whole topic is also not at all limited to business but it is everywhere in life effective. In relationships, with friends, family, with children, in society, organizations, etc. We always need to understand the other person with its needs and wishes, as well as we need to understand ourselves to be able to find the best solution.

When you understand these hidden aspects, then you can become a professional in analyzing needs and wishes and in finding fitting solutions so that everyone is happy in the end.

This is indeed a part of mastery in life and in business.