About self-determination

Today many people think that they are self-determined in their lives. They think that they are free. In fact, it is only a feeling of freedom which is quite superficial, and the so-called freedom is limited to the propaganda and offers of society, tradition, culture and religion plus all the subconscious drives which are not under control. So, freedom and self-determination are more a matter of personal belief and illusion.

Then there are some people who have understood the things mentioned above. These people try to free themselves from the programming of society and from dogmas to discover who they really are and what life is all about. These are the spiritual seekers, the warriors for enlightenment and personal freedom.

And then there is a third group of people who have realized their true nature, who found freedom in the unity with God, following the true sense of life. These are the spiritual masters, the liberated souls.

Interesting is now to examine how people of the first group become people of the second group and then finally get into the last group.

You wake up from the illusionary state of false freedom when things happen in life which do not feel right any longer. In the movie Matrix it was shown in a nice way. Something is wrong with life and those who get this insight start research for symptoms and causes to reveal the great secret.

When you are already on the path and you have understood that you need to undergo a comprehensive spiritual development and training, then you reach step by step freedom and self-determination by balancing your personality in a universal way and by realizing unity with the divine spirit. This is a process of refinement and balancing, a process of developing your divine nature.

And only when God´s will is one with your will, you enjoy true freedom and sense in life, only then you are in harmony with God, creation and your own being.

The problem is that there is the limited human ego which works independent from higher sense, logic, wisdom, understanding, etc. and which creates a kind of idea of what it wants to be and what aims in life it wants to follow. These ideas are often in contrast to God´s will and the higher or true sense in life for a person.

Imagine you visit a center for flower growing and you see a man talking to the little flowers: “Hello my children, how are you doing? Today I want to ask each one of you what you like to become.” He points at a little tulip bulb. “I want to become a big apple tree!” “Oh, this is wonderful!” Then the man asks a little rose. The rose answers “I want to become a lotus flower as I love lakes so much!” “What a great idea!” And so on.

This is just a short example who things work. Most people develop a kind of opinion about their nature and their function/sense in life which does not fit to their real nature, their real needs and their foreseen plans for the present incarnation.

The result is, when they go against their true nature, they will experience suffering and great disappointment. Only when they understand their sense in life, they will achieve satisfaction.

In conclusion, self-determination works only when you understand yourself and when you live in harmony and unity with God, the laws of creation and creation itself.

This means that we need to ask what is right for us? What is our sense in life? What is our true nature? And how can I unfold and develop myself in the right way. Like a tulip bulb is meant to become a flourishing tulip and not an apple tree.

When the ego opinions and the real sense in life are not fitting but cause fighting, chaos and problems, we experience only suffering and this is not a must. We can follow God´s will, the true sense of our nature and then we will enjoy real happiness.

Only a high master who has balanced all his karma is really free and in complete harmony with God´s will. Only then you experience full self-determination.

It is very useful to think about these things.