A special (self-)healing technique

I want to present a special healing and recovery technique which is based on two factors, – the use of the akasha principle and the fact that our original astral/mental home spheres offer wonderful healing qualities.

The technique itself is very simple. You get into your meditation state and set yourself by intention into your astral/mental home sphere. Now you enjoy the healing and vitalizing effects already with your whole microcosm. This works thanks to the Akasha principle where different realities can be connected easily, bridging time and space.

Besides working on your whole microcosm, you can apply the Akasha principle for the specific healing of single organs.

Again you sit in your meditation, connect to your astral/mental home sphere. While you are sitting in this sphere, you imagine the concerned organ in front of you floating in the home sphere too, being surrounded by this wonderful healing, vitalizing and nourishing energy. While the organ is floating in front of you, undergoing the recovery process, you can feel it at the same time healing in your body.

This technique is wonderful and also very efficient. You can use it perfectly for recovery and healing of yourself.

You can use it as well for others. Here you connect the patient to his home sphere and let him heal there.

Another nice application is to connect your home sphere to a room or a space in a room of your flat, so that you can easily enter it for recovery.

You can also create a gesture in which you anchor the idea to set yourself directly into your home sphere and staying there as long as you keep the gesture / hand posture / mudra.

In conclusion, when we set ourselves into heaven, our home sphere, then we can enjoy heaven already on earth and all the healing benefits of it.