About Heaven

Just a few words. What is the nature of heaven? Why do we feel like being in heaven? It is certainly not the case that we sit on a cloud in a nice white gown rejoicing all the time.

The main point is that the astral atmosphere has nourishing qualities for you as a soul – a spirit in an astral body. This means that you are nourished permanently without the need for any effort. And this means that you are saturated, feeling in harmony with yourself and your surroundings, with the astral realms, also with God. Harmony, happiness and inner peace and this permanently. And this makes you free. You are free and you are also liberated from all the heaviness and hardship of your material incarnation. So you feel truly light. And as there are absolutely no limitations for you, you can do what you like, you can meet with old friends and family souls, you can make wonderful experiences in the astral realms, etc.

This is heaven.

When we examine the word “heaven”, then we can easily connect it to the term “haven”. It is possible that they are related, that heaven origins from haven. And what means haven? To arrive at home. Heaven is our home. Haven means also to be safe. When you imagine yourself being on a long trip on a ship and you come home, you enter the haven of your village – how much relief does it offer?! (Think about the old fishermen or the old Vikings.)

In German heaven is related to “sky”. This points at the fact that heaven is not on the material world level but above somewhere in the sky. And this is true. The astral realms where we are at home can be found upwards.

In conclusion, heaven is all about being completely nourished without any effort, being completely free and happy, in harmony with creation and being released of the burdens of the earthly life, the heaviness of the material world.

And here you see what is necessary to create heaven on earth for you and your beloved ones. Take care that you all feel comfortable, nourished regarding needs and wishes, that you feel safe, welcome and also free to be yourself, to be authentic.

This is important for yourself, your partner, your family, friends, coworkers, etc. for all beings.

And then you have heaven on earth.

Be good. Do good. Feel good!